Girl's Night Out!

In other news, my "girls in the 'hood" had a neighborhood get-together for a night out to see Sex and the City last week and I summarize my thoughts as follows:

?How did they all get so old?

?How did they all get so fat? Seriously, if I was paid what they were, I'd get my ass to the gym!

?How did Steve seem cute when he was confessing he slept with someone else? Wait, was that just me?

?How did I miss the split second of "dick slip" in the shower scene? I heard about it at drinks afterward and was shocked at my inattentiveness!

?How did Samantha's boobs get so big? The last time we saw her she had these cute perky things that made me proud of never getting enhanced!

?What was the point of the grotesque full frontal nude sex scene with Miranda, the ugliest cast member???

?Who thought of Charlotte pooping her pants? They deserve an Oscar!

?Who picked out the outfits? I know they've won awards for costume design, but I wouldn't be caught dead in any of their outfits, except maybe, Charlotte.

?Why does Carrie wear pearls to bed??? I can't be the only one who noticed that. Also, she layers constantly. Even her pj's!

?Why can't they take off their patent leather high heels when they are sitting in a lounge chair sunning and reading a magazine? Do you know how swollen and sweaty your feet would be?

?Why would Carrie wear a bird on her head on her wedding day?

That's all for now, oh yeah, if you haven't seen the movie yet - don't read this.


  1. After the first two questions I realized you were asking them about the characters and not your girlfriends!

  2. DH wont go see it with me. Am still looking for someone to go see it with me.
    But I am looking forward to it, now especially with Charlotte pooping her pants.


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