Off to the Wilderness

I'm heading off to the great unknown to live off the land for the next 6 days...um...in a two room cabin complete with a kitchen, in a populated park with a playground, with 6 Rubbermaid totes full of supplies, a portable DVD player, cell phone, and a box fan. WHAT?! It's camping!

See ya when I get back...


  1. You go girl!!!!....that's my kind of camping!!!....think of the memories and wonderful blogging posts you'll have when you return!!Have a blast!

  2. wow, you have fun with that adventure!!!
    take lots of pictures of your camping expedition.

  3. Okay...how did you do that? Really...HOW? I've got Chris and Ray...and if I had the nerve to plan a "camping trip" like that, I wouldn't never hear the end of it! Our trip "MUST" be tents. It took some work to get them to embrace a STATE park with showers and modern bathrooms!
    We're going to Ricketts Glen next week. They have like...20 waterfalls that you're apparently allowed to play in. If it's as fun as it looks, we'll have to see if we can both bring the boys out next year! Don't worry...they have cabins there too. Hee-hee!
    I hope you had a great time!

  4. Have a wonderful time. Sometimes where you are isn't as important as who you are with. It's nice to coccoon once in a while.


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