H, I, J, K, Elemenoepeeeee....

I had a moment of inspiration this weekend as we began to make plans to paint our house next month. I wanted to create something colorful, whimsical, and meaningful for my kitchen wall. I got to work in my shop and came up with this...

I think my gift for "random" design my friend always talks about has come into play here. I'm not allowed to hang it until the new paint is on the wall.
I liked the concept so much I've decided to offer the Custom Wooden Alphabet Tiles for sale so you can create your own work of art. You can put your family initial on the mantle

or decorate your nursery.

You can spell out an inspirational word for your bookshelf or your child's name in her room. You may even opt to display your house number beside your front door, the options are endless and custom made for you!
Email me at jsneill@zoominternet.net or check out my shop to the right to order your own tiles.

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  1. Alrighty then!!!!!!!!.....I'm sittin' on my patio listening and watching the june bugs destroy my landscaping and you're hustling over there making fabulous stuff!!!!......LOVE, LOVE it all!!!!......and maybe I'll get inspired to paint my kitchen/great room...I've been meaning to for two years!


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