Happy 4th of July!

Do something uniquely American this weekend, visit the county fair!!! The Big Butler Fair, in this case, and experience things that you have to see to believe. For a mere $7 dollars admission you have some incredible opportunities ahead, like viewing the Amazing Snake Girl, touring a motor home carved inside a fallen California Redwood, watching the Porky Review (pigs dressed up like pin-up girls), or learning to appreciate your God-given body shape after seeing yourself in a funhouse mirror...

Watch the totally unsafe display of a tiny truck atop unnaturally huge tires driving over cars...

See the beauty of cow butts all in a row, and learn to dodge poop covered tails - Bonus!

Introduce your kids to the "birds and the bees" and the "wonder of life" as they watch tiny chicks hatch from eggs...

...and introduce them to the unparalleled softness of a horse's nose...

Learn that pigs like to cuddle just like the rest of us...

And experience the "wonder and awe" as strange "carnies" make a living rollerskating on 6 foot round, elevated platforms...blindfolded!

Voluntarily strap yourself and your children into strange, spinning contraptions that make you all rethink your choice of the fried veggie, funnel cake, ice cream dinner you just ate...

and win a family pet on a $1 game of toss the ping pong ball (my husband tried to refuse the prize, but the game operator and the kids wouldn't hear of it)

Ahhhh, fried dough and french fries never look so beautiful as they do at a county fair at night...


  1. Happy 4th of July!
    Great blog.

  2. Hope you had a great 4th. I LOVE the county fair. We used to go to the Sandwich County Fair in Illinois when I was younger. I looked forward to it every year. Hopefully ti will be something your kdis will have fond memories of.

  3. I'm cracking up over the roller skaters!!!!.......we may just have to go up and check them out for ourselves!!!!.......nothing like people watching at the fair!!

  4. Oh...the fair. The crowd is just as "interesting" as the attractions. I always leave that place thinking I am a better mother than I did before I arrived.


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