Hershey Park, Here We Come!

We made our yearly pilgrimage to "the land of all things chocolate" last week and funny enough, I ate no chocolate while I was there. That just occurred to me while typing this...something seems wrong about that.

Anyhoo, maybe it's my advancing age but the last thing I'm thinking of is chocolate on an amusement park trip. Though I love the rides, I've been known to puke at some point in the day after too many spinney rides. I never remember that happening before about 5 years ago.

We rode The Claw and I saw my life flash before my eyes (imagine a huge hand plucking you up then spinning and swinging you to your death), we rode the Rodeo and I got a bit queasy (very rooooollllyyyy and ttuuuurrrrnnnnyyy), then we rode The Falcon and I almost crapped my pants (my children were dangling 1000 feet above the ground and spinning, I'm a terrible mother). Then we broke for lunch.

After lunch, we changed into our bathing suits and entered the water park where I got squirted in the eye about 10 times and had 4 buckets of water dumped on my head while trying to scale the side of a water-tower-ish type of structure to reach the slides (evil, evil children). At which point I decided to wait at the bottom for the kids and promptly lost them for the next 45 minutes while I scurried around the tower squinting into the bright sun in the hopes of catching one glimpse of just one of them. Nothin'. Go to recruit my mom for help and find all 4 of them eating ice cream in the food court. Nice.

Okay, get changed and get on the Pirate Ship, where I scream at my 5 year old to hold onto the safety bar, get turned away from the bumper cars because no one is tall enough (?), and con my 9 year old into riding the Great Bear with me even though it's currently closed due to a passenger puking (it wasn't me, yay!) One more trip to the Pirate Ship, sneak my little one onto the Swings by teaching him how to raise up his heels while being measured, break for french fries and get the hell out of Dodge.

There's more...but I haven't the energy or the stomach to discuss it further.

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  1. I love your description...it's like I'm there! I never could take the spinny rides...not once.

    I feel for you when you lost the kids. We've all had those heart in your stomach moments..sorry it lasted 45 min. for you.


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