Love Letters

A few Valentine's Days ago my husband bought me an exquisite little book called 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time that I poured over for days after I received it. I couldn't believe the passion poured out on paper by lovers throughout time. I think the love letter is a lost art form, and the closest many of us get is a well chosen Hallmark card with certain sentences underlined for emphasis.

There is nothing like a well-worn page, soft with age, filled with words from the heart in your own love's hand. It's so rare and cherished. I remember my dad sitting in the kitchen one Christmas reading a poem he'd written for his wife that just got published. We were all so proud of him and asked for a reading. He read the lines, so beautifully written, and all the women were dissolved in tears by the end of the passage. My dad was shocked and asked why we were crying, after all, it wasn't even written for us. All us responded the same: "We cry because we know we will never have something so beautiful written for us!" I will have to devote a day to my dad's writing and publish some of it here. I'm trying to get him started on his own blog to share his talent and passion with all of us.

I realize I've become the conduit for love letters for couples who struggle for the words or try to make them concrete in their lives. I read the stories sent to me about love and those looking for the right way to celebrate a relationship. Take a look at the modern day love letter...

Would you like to write a love letter of your own? Email me at jsneill@zoominternet.net and we can plan it together.


  1. okay....I just want to see one that is a 15th wedding anniversary present.......what are they saying to each other??!!!!!....."I love you when you don't nag or complain....and even more when I go to the Steelers game with my buddies for 18hrs!"....I can't fathom what my husband would comission for me....and keep working on your Dad!

  2. You just reminded me that I saved every scrap of note/love letter from my sweetie. I have to find that. He used to make fun of my "hope chest".


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