Ha, Ha, Very Funny

I just realized I never talked about the latest neighborhood prank that awaited me after my beach vacation! We pulled into the driveway to see our whole house decorated for Halloween, complete with spiderwebs on the bushes and a grim reaper on the front door and THIS:

Now, I don't have to tell you what a blow this was, being in the later half of my 30's. I've been clinging to my final 4 years and preparing for the inevitable...the big 4 - 0, and in one fell swoop my whole neighborhood thinks I'm now 40!!! Now, this sign is 4x8 feet and right on the side of the road so I had kids and neighbors coming up to me for the next week wishing me happy birthday and saying I don't look 40. It was brilliant and if I was a different person I might admit defeat, but it just fuels me to find something more evil!


  1. Such brave, brave neighbors! Ha-ha! I pity them however...you have got one spooky imagination! LOL!

  2. Thats AWESOME!
    you MUSt plan something truly evil to get them all back.
    too funny.
    Well happy 40th...very very early.

  3. My knee-jerk reaction was "I can't believe I missed it!!!!".....but whoa!!!....they truly don't know what they are up against!!!....Have fun! and remember to blog it! :)

  4. At least they're saying "you don't LOOK 40!" They could be all going about their business...humming to themselves about the whole thing. Maybe Easter in December in your neighborhood?


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