How Did This Happen?!?!?!

Somehow, my gentle, sensitive, peace-maker, soccer playing middle son is playing football with his brother...sigh...it's really over isn't it?

After seeing the cool pads and helmet my "Boo" decided football was the sport for him and waged an all out war to get his way. He's usually so amiable, I was caught totally off guard and did the unthinkable - I let him! Look how tiny he is!!! The only consolation in this is that he's playing with (almost) equally tiny boys his age.

Help...I feel myself being sucked in...can't...resist...


  1. Aren't they just so cute in those uniforms? Good Luck - it's an experience!!

  2. Let's go PR!!!!!!!!!!!....we play you guys Sept. 27....make sure you're wearing your big honkin' button with your players picture in it to show all of your team support!!!!


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