Kickboxers Unite!

I had to sneak a photo through the kitchen window, but here was my back yard this week! Our YMCA closed for yearly maintenance and all the classes were canceled. The instructors generously agreed to continue classes outside for the week, and I volunteered my yard.

The girls showed up for 9 o'clock class, kids in tow, and we stomped around on the grass a bit and threw some punches and kicks. We kept the painters entertained to the point that they stopped complaining about the girly pop music they had to listen to for an hour. One of the moms even brought along slave labor babysitters (her teens) and we were able to be "workin' on my fitness" (in the words of Fergie) all week without interruption.

I'm sure my neighbors have ceased to be amazed by the antics in my back yard by now. I can hear it now... "What in the world is going on???" "Oh, it's just Jen."


  1. thats awesome that you were able to do that.
    If my YMCA closed down there is no way anyone would volunteer their backyard for Zumba or kickboxing.
    those women are dedicated to fitness!

  2. Sorry I had to miss it! Looks like fun!

  3. I'm so happy you girls sucked it up!!!.....sorry I had to miss.....I was looking forward to it.


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