My New Project Unveiled

A brief phone call a few weeks ago has sent my mind spinning as to the possibilities of a new project. The caller recounted the adoption process of their daughter from Taiwan and wished for a special box to keep the few keepsakes that were sent from her family and homeland.

I thought about my own children and the little objects I've kept along their journey in this world...the bellybutton clip, the pregnancy test, the blanket they were brought home in, a tiny diaper... All of these things are dropped into a cardboard box and rarely looked at again. I started thinking about how I could honor the tiny treasures I've collected along the way.

Here is my first attempt at creating what I hope will become an heirloom for her family and a connection to her daughter's past.

My customer gave me the quote and I set to work. The bottom of the box is decoupaged with a map of her daughter's country and inside the lid is an envelope for keeping letters, airplane tickets, and scraps of paper.

These will be made available in my shop very soon and can be customized with your own child's name and significant quote.

I plan for the line to evolve into Wedding Memory Boxes for all of those keepsakes we all hold onto from that special day. The invitation can be decoupaged inside the bottom.

These wooden boxes measure 10x12x3 inches and will retail for $45. For a custom order you can contact me at jsneill@zoominternet.net


  1. You are SO FULL OF GOOD IDEAS! I just dumped my kid's "forever box" items into a plastic tupperware. What an awesome gift idea. I always try to save the newspaper from any significant day.

  2. Love the idea-especially since this kind of stuff doesn't lend itself to a scrapbook very well-very creative-and love the little dolly in the picture-she is a real treasure, and you have created a great treasure box for her.

  3. My dear friend.....you never cease to amaze me!!!!.....what accomplishment you must feel at the end of the day...week....month............


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