Christmas Party Mom

Dear Christmas Party Mom,

I understand that, to you, life revolves around what you plan for the 30 minute 2nd grade Holiday Party. I can tell you are so brimming with great ideas that you didn't think twice about scheduling a meeting to discuss it 3 weeks ago. You are very task oriented and lets just say it, bossy. I get that.

But, can I interrupt you for one minute to just say...relax...

Let me also take this time to mention that though you were very upset I couldn't attend the meeting (that was held two weeks before Thanksgiving) some people have a life and 3-4 weeks is plenty of time to plan a generic "holiday" party that will take approximately 30 minutes at the end of the school day.

Also, in this "cyber age" a physical meeting during a holiday month with all of our preschoolers and kindergartners in the middle of a packed Starbucks isn't usually necessary. See how I'm communicating with you here on the computer? You can do that for the party, too.

In closing ... relax, get a life, and email.

The end.

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