There is Tuna in my Tea and Other Confessions of a Busy Mom

Yesterday I sat down to eat my lunch with the food section of the paper (Christmas cookie edition!) and decided to linger over a cup of tea when a plop of my tuna salad fell into my cup. Now, I'm pushing it by trying to stretch lunch to accommodate a cup of tea (so busy!) so what to do? I looked at the cup and thought, "if I don't stir it the tuna will sink to the bottom and I'll never know" and proceeded on with my lunch and tea.

When I got near the bottom of my cup, it occurred to me that this was disgusting and I thought of a time in the past when I never would have done that! What other habits have I picked up to save time or squeeze in a bit of pleasure?

Why do I stand in the pantry and eat a Hershey's bar? Do the calories not stick if the kids don't see me eat it?

Do I really pick up dog poop and put it in my pocket until I find a garbage can?

Why do I use McDonald's napkins to blow my nose instead of replenishing the tissue box in my car?

Has it really been three days since I've showered?

And did I just stuff half a pancake in my mouth all at once before walking down to the bus stop? While we're at it, did I really just walk to the bus stop in pj's and slippers with syrup on my chin?

I started to wonder what I have evolved into...is this a mom? I can still get it together, but a lot of times I don't have the energy or see the point. During this Christmas rush I'm getting lazier and lazier, it's actually getting scary.

My neighbor rolled down her window on her way past as I walked back from the bus stop this morning and said, "You look like a picture from the Glamour Don't pages!" So, there you have it. I walked straight into the house and took a shower, I put in my Velcro rollers and makeup. Got out a cool pair of trouser jeans and my new Old Navy sweater, fluffed up my hair and got ready to sit at the kitchen table to paint while I watched Regis and Kelly.

I think the dog really appreciates my effort...


  1. It's SO important to take care of you for YOU, especially when you're a stay at home mother.
    I know we rarely get complimented on our efforts, but it makes you feel so much better. ;)

    Tuna and tea IS gross! Lazy Daisy! LOL!

  2. I was at the "bus stop" yesterday with my froggie pj's on and I literally cringed when a car went by...I mean, it never occurred to me that someone might SEE ME while I was out!

  3. Oh dear that sounds like me when I'm just lazing out in my PJs at home. I'm very sure your dog appreciates the extra effort. Spendinga bit of time to make you feel pretty and cheery gets your mood up... I know it does for me even if it's putting a snazzy new pin or that silk headband and the only one that would see is my family and me =D


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