Time Well Spent

I think I wrote about this a bit last season, but skiing with our boys has really been a bonus for our relationships.

It seems that life carries us all away in different directions all week. We have our own jobs, hobbies, responsibilities and it pulls us from the "unit". As the kids get older we risk becoming their old parents with nothing in common, it is heartbreaking to me.

We taught our kids to ski last season and a door was opened for us. My husband recognized it right away as he recounted meaningful conversations he'd had on the chair lift ride up the mountain with each son. "We have to do something to capture this" and we knew this was something we could continue to have in common - something to bridge the gap.

We looked so forward to getting back on the slopes this season and absorbing all of that bonding time with the boys again. We laughed and played together on equal ground and caught a glimpse of a future of friendship with our sons. It is so special to us and we will fight for it to get us through the coming years together.

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  1. I have goosebumps....happy skiing!!!...it's what we all want at the end of the road....


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