I really hate to make New Year's resolutions (because I rarely follow through and then end up feeling like a loser after a few months) but I always end up doing it to point me in the right direction for the year. So, here they are - the good, the bad, and the ugly...

1. Try to run my business with some sort of organization, you know, like a real grown up. I think the spiral bound notebook method of accounting needs some tweaking, the shipping center needs some attention, and my supplies need a permanent home so I can locate them in the future. I really should be doing all of that rather than sitting in this new chair (my Christmas gift) typing on my blog...

2. Try to run my household with some sort of organization, you know, like a real grown up (deja vu). Well, I'm nothing if not consistent. I need to get on some sort of cleaning schedule, get back to planning menus (so I'm not wandering the grocery store aimlessly buying cake), and keep my work things out of our living space. (I really should be doing that right now, too)

3. Get my kids on a homework schedule that balances play time with work time (translation: make 'em smart without so much crying)

4. Stop swearing so much. My 6 year old says "Damn it!", my choice of swear words.

5. Stop eating candy, cake, pie (fill in any random sweet) for lunch and make a nutritious meal - then sit down and eat it like a civilized human. The days of shoving junk in my cake hole while hunching over the sink are beginning to show. Now, if I make this adjustment and am not instantly rewarded with clear, glowing skin and an impossibly flat stomach then all bets are off.

I think that's enough to keep me busy for the next few weeks...

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about this disorganization which seems to be a theme in my house/life too. I temporarily lost my master list of things to do today and I freaked out!


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