Where's the Mom?

Have you noticed the "mom conspiracy" in children's programming? I never really paid attention until my husband started to watch with the kids and kept asking "Where's the Mom?", there is rarely a mom!!!

Let's run through my kids' favorite programs and the main caretakers,
Max and Ruby - Grandma
Sponge Bob - Grandma
Cory in the House - Dad
I Carly - Brother
Hanna Montana - Dad
The Suite Life - Mom (whew!)
Naked Brothers Band - Babysitter

From my recollection, this stems back to the days of Bambi and continues with my kids' favorite movies today:

Sound of Music - Dad/Nanny
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Dad
The Wizard of Oz - Aunt
The Game Plan - Dad
Alvin and the Chipmunks - Dave
Narnia - Uncle
Harry Potter - Aunt and Uncle
Elf - Santa

See a pattern? Creepy. I wonder, are they hatching a plot against me right now? They look conspiratorial...

Let's move on to my Resolutions Update. I sat in a chair and ate a ham and cheese sandwich and an orange...then I got up to write on my blog with a piece of chocolate and a smallish bowl of chips and dip - it's a start! I did clean half of the house and also made dinner! Recipe for my Chicken Tortilla Soup/Chili tomorrow.

I also decided to get a big, ugly desk calendar to keep me in line with the organization thang, need some organization in your life that's a bit prettier? Let's shop!

Liliana's Planner is a rich addition to your quest for organization

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  1. I had a huge calendar last year and it kept getting covered up by other crap on my desk - it turned out to be useless to me that way - love the planners! Have a great day!

  2. I remember the cartoons my kids watched years ago and thinking, "where are the parents?" lol

    great blog!

  3. The Mom conspiracy...ha! Weird though.

    I love that 2nd calendar!

  4. I can't seem to get myself going this New Year..but I keep pushing.
    Hey, I am going with an old show..I remember Mama..That makes me feel better..

  5. I can't believe I never noticed!!!.....I guess I'm always runnning around getting crap done while they are glued to the T.V.!!!!......I love planners and calendars....but I'm so picky and I can't ever decide!!...I've been making my own calendar for several years...with a picture of the kids for every month....and as far as planner for my purse, I'm trying to be techy and use the one in my Blackberry....we'll see how much stuff I miss! :)...but now I'm on the hunt for a new address book!...I'm sick of my plain black one!

  6. I have always wondered where Mom was. I HATE Max and Ruby...Not only because there is no Mom, but becasue Ruby is always so mean and bossy to Max.

  7. I agree that there is a "mom conspiracy..." remember all those Disney movies? None of the princess' had mom's, (other than Cinderella i suppose) I was thinking about that just the other day...


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