It's Been a Hearty Day!

I'm feelin' the love around these parts as my boys feverishly prepare for Valentine's Day. We had a pretty hearty day and I wanted to share. Things are really no different than you remember...

Believe it or not, the little paper Valentine's are still popular. My kids are going with the Incredible Hulk and Sports motifs this year.

They spent a messy afternoon decorating their Valentine Boxes for school. I still remember that feeling every year - I hope I get a Valentine! Now, as a mom, I know that the children have to give one to everyone...why didn't I get that as a child?

They helped bake and decorate cookies for Valentine's Day Parties. For cookie decorating tips to follow.

And, finally, they worked on special Valentine gifts for their teachers.

I came across this idea while browsing Just a girl's blog and knew it was the perfect project for us. An inexpensive, useful gift for a teacher, brilliant!

Here is what you need:

A clear bottle of hand sanitizer (Walmart $1.79)
Beading wire
Rub on transfers

Remove the label from the sanitizer by saturating the label with cooking oil and letting it sit for a few minutes. Then dunk it into hot soapy water and it should slide right off.

Make sure the bottle is well dried and apply the transfers. We found it easier to tape them in place before rubbing with the stick.

Now, use your own creativity to decorate the neck of the bottle with the beads and wire. You can thread the beads and make curls or bends to hold them in place. The kids will have fun with this part.

You can wind the wire around a pencil to create a curly cue

And make your own charms to hang by bending your own heart


To finish it we added a card and tied a coordinating ribbon around the neck.


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing! I will definitely make some of those for some of the teachers I work with!

    Cute new blog, but I could so make a background for you that would fit your new columns...free, of course! Just let me know!

    Also, please help me with a blog ettiquette question. If you or someone writes a note to me on my blog, how can I respond...in my own comments or go to the other person's blog and write a comment on their's (which is what I do now)?

    Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. I love the Sanitizer Idea! I may have to find some time in my day today....

  3. Oh that teacher gift is wonderful...and they will love it!...valentines day over here in australia must be more low key than over ur way...children don't do school type stuff around it...it's just something that lovers celebrate...

  4. that's a great teacher's gift! The poem is funny! Ah yes Valentine's day we didn't get boxes just cards (if we be lucky) on our desks. =D

  5. Love this idea, thanks for sharing.....cute!

  6. Oh...they turned out way cuter than I imagined them to be......I will certainly be making a few of these in the future!!...I'll start with the one in the cup holder of my van!

  7. That is brilliant!! Seriously!! Running out to buy sanitizer!! Is it tacky to get the gallon size?


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