So Busy...

I'm so busy today, I have to rifle through 15 tons of candy and do-dads my kids got from the Easter Bunny and all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents today before it takes over the house. I'm filling random containers with candy and hiding it wherever it will fit.

My camera battery died the night before Easter morning, so I have no photos except a few that punctuated a weekend with family in a small house.

Easter grass is made by the devil and it already in every nook and cranny even though we've been home for about 14 hours.

Have to run...more later.


  1. Easter grass ranks right up there with the needles from the christmas tree!!!!!!!

  2. Here's a tip: Instead of Easter grass I use a 6-foot long piece of tulle - that fine netted ribbon that's about 6 inches wide. It comes in pretty pastel colors and you find it in the wedding aisle at Joann's. You can nestle eggs and chocolate bunnies in it just like grass. I've been using the same piece of tulle in my kids' baskets for years now. No Easter grass to find all over the house anymore!


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