Sunday Funny - "It Could Be a Crackhead"

An unintentionally funny news clip from Mobile, Alabama. Thanks for reminding me of this clip, Constant Complainer!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Loved the video, my theory is that it is a UFO! Wow, mom to 3 boys, never a dull moment in your life, how wonderful! ~Cathy~

  2. saw this around st. patty's day. hysterical! thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness. He had a leprechaun flute. That had been passed down for generations.

    A pot of gold...

    And, as the commentators pointed out - the amateur sketch...

    Thanks for a good Sunday am giggle!!!

  4. He's helping to direct traffic???!!! What a good samaritan!!

  5. thanks for visiting my blog. what a funny find.

  6. Jennifer, this video never gets old! Never! LOL.

    "It might be a crack head." That is by far my favorite quote of the news story!


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