Ever Have One of Those Days? And Feedback Friday

When you just feel like sitting in a laundry basket eating a Go-gurt and watching TV? No? Just checking...

Anyway, it's feedback friday so let's hit my deck of cards and play...Would You Rather?

Okay, would you rather:

A) Be able to move only by skipping?


B) by moonwalking?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That picture is priceless!

    I would rather move skipping!

    Over from SITS!

  2. Hi...I love the new picture of you in your side bar......I see that commercial on tv when they take pictures of stuff with their hands like that and I keep wanting to try it...but I need someone to help me!

  3. I would want to move only skipping. That would pretty much be awesome!

  4. Believe it or not, YES, I do have those days. LOL

    I would rather skip! How fun would that be!!

  5. Well, considering I feel as if I skip everywhere I go anyway, (the name's Sunny, c'mon) then I'll try moonwalking. Wait, moonwalking like Micheal Jackson or Neil Armstrong? I have no interest in anything related to MJ.

    Love the picture!

  6. Yes, actually I do have those days once in a while. :)

    hmmm ... guess I'd have to go with the moonwalk option as gliding looks way cooler than bouncing (on me, at least).

  7. I think I probably just wouldn't move as either one would make me look like an extreme dork and magnify my clutzyness :)
    Guess I would just sit in a laundry basket hehe


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