I'm a Winner!

I just got an email from John Deere Mom alerting me of a win! I entered her contest for the remote control gator and my boys cannot wait to receive it (they are already fighting over who will play with it first). Scoot on over there, I see she's gearing up for another giveaway soon. The mystery boxes are displayed, who knows what could be inside this time!

I was lucky enough to secure an invitation to the Penguins game last night to see them stomp the Capitals. It was an exhausting night of screaming, clapping, and towel waving, but we left there happy with our win and looking forward to doing it again tonight. Go Pens!

Finally, I found another cool giveaway for a Giant Fortune Cookie that you can personalize! Oh, the wheels are just turning!

Know, what? Never mind, don't head over there whatever you do because you will reduce MY chances of winning this cool Fortune Cookie! Seriously, click here.


  1. I love it when I win something. Congrats!
    Stopped by from SITS.

  2. Hi! Just came here form SITS and waned to spread some cheers!

    Happy Weekend !

  3. congrats on BOTH wins!

    Have a blast tonight. :)

  4. Go Pens. They better pull it off tomorrow night!!!


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