Soul Sista's Power - Activate!

The Sista's converged to throw a birthday bash for my 9th, 29th birthday this year complete with cupcakes, hand made gifts, and treat bags! We used the Christmas party rules of $10 maximum for supplies, with emphasis on using things you already have around the house, and gathered at The Treat Girl's house:

Treat bags from The Treat Girl complete with airplane bottles of booze, yeah!

Homemade Hot Pepper Jelly from Meg:

A What is it Wednesday jar filled with goodies, including Pam's Jam, earrings, and this skirt from Treat Girl:

The BEST coconut cupcakes ever from Marzipan

And a glass tile necklace made from my blog banner from Joy

It was a fantastic day, and I can't wait for the next celebration!

Oh, I need your help...our 5th sis doesn't have a blog yet and we are trying to convince her to start. The hardest part is coming up with a name, so I thought I'd poll my readers for help.

Here is a bit about our girl Meg: She is cool and edgy with a new swingy angled haircut, she is a jeans and boots girl, she spoke of the earrings, pick up truck, and shaved head her husband had when they met as a turn-on, she is considering getting a purple or blond streak put in her hair, she is an active hockey mom of two boys, she can whip up hot pepper jelly then turn around and handle power tools like a pro. What can we name the blog?


  1. I love how you modeled your presents! As far as a blog name, I don't know. She needs one that will resonate with her.

  2. I've been wracking my brain for hours.....I'm going up to the outlets later today and driving is good for my brain...we have to get her up and running!

  3. Well if that isn't about the cutest necklace I ever did see! How clever!

    Happy birthday!

    and you skinny people who can wear anything including that precious little "jarred skirt" make me want to cry. I think I'll go make a batch or homemade oreos (or coconut cupcakes)... :)

  4. yep, Joy gets the clever, clever girl award!

    hmmm ... hard enough naming a blog for self, but for another? I'll give it a shot:

    Denim Edge


    Puck Wild

    ... blame it on too long at the day job. :)


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