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One of my favorite blogs occasionally posts "We're Into It" to share what her teen daughter is "into" at that time. I think it's interesting (since I live in a sea of testosterone) to see how the other half lives. It occurred to me that living with all these boys (10, 8, and 6) might be interesting to others - oh, you "girl moms" have no clue!

So what are we into over here in Testosterone Heaven? Let's see...

Rip Sticks

These crazy two-wheeled death traps are attached to my kids feet for at least 2 hours of every day. They go around the driveway, down the sidewalk, around the cul de sac, over the ramps...oh yeah...

Driveway Skateboard Ramps

I have a mini-skate park in my driveway at all times. We have so many of these ramps, it's like an obstacle coarse in the driveway and it's impossible to fit them into the garage at this point. But, damn, those kids have fun on them.

Teck Decks

When they aren't outside on skateboards, they are setting up an endless array of miniature indoor ramps and playing with the finger-sized skateboards they collect. They push them around and make them flip and jump. I, personally, think it's odd, but I guess they are like the Matchbox cars of my youth.

Nintendo DS

This little gem doesn't come out much at home, but take these boys on a road trip or to a restaurant and they are all about the DS and the game Mario Cart.

Hatching Pete

This Disney movie just came out about 2 weeks ago, but my kids have found it on TV or on the DVR and watched at least a portion of it every day since it premiered. It's almost as if Disney is feeding them crack through the TV screen...


'Nuff said.

Crab Classics

My boys eat about 2-3 packages of these per week. They call them "crab sticks" and they are the lunch of choice, dipped in melted butter. I really should buy stock in these...


I have no words to describe how sick I am of this show. It seems to cross generations in it's appeal and never get old to them (males), young or old. I hate the whiny voice, that stupid laugh, the repeated episodes...it's Nickelodeon's contribution to the "crack" I spoke of earlier.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This book has, single-handedly, transformed my non-reading 2nd grader into a child obsessed with reading. Thanks, Jeff Kinney.

You Tube

Ob. Sessed. These boys can watch the dumbest videos for ever. It's like America's Funniest Home Videos on demand.

Which leads directly to this final item in this strange list of current "must haves".

It is unexplainable why my kids are so obsessed with this video, but they have clicked onto You Tube every day for a week to watch this rap video several times in a row at a sitting. It all began with a lesson on the Dewey Decimal System in Library Science. Dorks.


  1. If only k-12 could have been entirely rapped! Both my kids would have aced the system.

  2. Oh Jennifer such an excellent post :-) And the way you writing is soooooooooo funny. My favourite one is what you wrote about Spongebob ha ha ha I will never understand what people(kids) are like about it....such a sick creation.LOL. Have a great day in Testosterone Heaven :-) Love, Evi

  3. too funny -- our boys seem to have things in common, what a surprise--I must say I won't break down and get a rip stick -- roller blading is their choice of interest right now. Of course, the DS is every boys entertainment when hours of sports are done and exhaustion has sent in; baseball is paramount here (my oldest is a pirate too); spongebob is banned from this house and has been from day 1 as I cringe when I hear his voice and laughter; Diary of a Wimpy kid has been read and read over and over by number 1 and 2; and YouTube is visited frequently here also. Have a good day!

  4. I can totally relate to your testosterone world, I grew up in a house where the boys outnumbered the girls. But that was a while ago, so I tend to be out of touch with what the younger generation is into. I think having a skate park in your driveway sounds like fun! And the baseball picture is precious, which one is yours?

    I've seen the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books, but I didn't know if they were any good. I'm so glad they've turned your son into an avid reader, sometimes it takes a really good book to help children realize how fun reading can be.

  5. Jen, a "sea of testosterone." I'm cracking up!

    We have a little girl, but from what our friends with boys have told us, your post was right on!

    I loved the boys in the Pirates uniforms. Very cute.

    Oh, and I hope you had a great weekend.

  6. too funny! my 9 year old received his fist communion yesterday and was given some money as gifts. by 11 am today he owned a nintendo dsi. i have not seen any of my three boys since.

  7. too funny!! i love the dewey decimal video! hilarious, i must admit, i am like your boys and love finding strange vids!

    stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  8. what a great post!! i love the youtube vid! too funny!

    i also agree that most kid tv is crack, with zero plot or point to the story LOL

    stopping by from sits.

  9. Great post! I was listening (and bopping along) to Dewey while I was running over to ebay to order the set of wimpy kid books! Our 2nd grader needs some books to be EXCITED about reading or it's gonna be a loooong next 10 years.
    SpongeBob--something def hypnotizing about it. My 3.5 yo granddaughter used to demand the SB movie be played round the clock (at her mom's house, thank God) and now my 17mo old granddaughter just stops whatever she's doing to stare at it when Caleb turns it on. And what about Chowder and Flapjack? What ARE they smoking when they make those?

  10. Oh yeah!!! that's pretty much my house over here too!!! Gotta try those crab sticks though.....are they from Costco???


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