Sunday Funny - Zack Attack

Ever sit around wondering what Zack Morris would be like in 2009? No? Just me? Um, wow, that's embarrassing...


  1. Oh man I LOVED SBTB (only die-hard fans can call it that). That video has been removed, but I'm on a mission to find it now because I'm dying to see Zac Morris in action after all these years. I'm surprised he didn't do more after the end of this show, he was such a cutie.

  2. i saw this on facebook. soo soo funny! i totally appreciate anyone that can laugh at themselves, and zack morris obviously can!

  3. Get out! That is the funniest thing ever!!

  4. HILARIOUS! Oh I love this! Since the link was removed, I had to go find it...I put the address in the bottom.

    I remember when Zack Attack was discovered..."Fate walked past their door...Brian Fate!"

    I couldn't link here...but here's the address for the video: http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/blogs/2009/06/zack-attacks-late-night-signs-on-for-the-reunion/

  5. This guy is still a cutie- love him on his new tv show, too. Now that he cut his hair, that is... He was looking a little shabby and NOT chic.... :-) Sue

  6. I loved SBTB too. If someone finds that link, let us know. All the ones I tried to click on had been removed due to copyright issues. Darn!

    Back in the day, my college fraternity's claim to fame was that Mr. Belding (in real life) was a member. LOL.


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