Tutorial Tuesday Linky Party!

Tutorial Tuesday has proven to be my most popular post throughout the week. After all the great advice for my Goodwill Settee last week, I've decided you all deserve a chance to tute us up!

Well, it's time to par-tay! Let's get to linking, but first...

Here are the rules:

Link up your own tutorial about WHATEVER, I'm not picky. A recipe, a craft project, a home decorating project, a new post, an old post...they're all good with me.

Add a permalink to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

Include a short description of your Tutorial after the name of your blog to generate interest. For example, Hope Studios/button bracelets.

Link to this party from your post so everyone can get in on the fun.

Visit the links, comment on the posts linked, share the love!

Double-check to make sure your link works and goes to the right post. If not, try try again :)

Feel free to grab my button to include in your post and invite everyone to the party:

Happy Tutorial-izing!!! (there goes the dang spell check!)


  1. Hi!!! Hope you're having a terrific vacation!!! Hope everyone likes my tute for the foot jewelry thingy!!!

  2. Hi Jen.
    I finally got my act together and got my tutorial done.
    Thanks for hosting. I can't wait to check out everyone else's tutorials.
    Have a fantastic week!

  3. Jen, I like the "link party" idea.

    And I meant to tell you - last month, I received more click-throughs from your blog to mine than from any other source. Thank you and thank you to the readers of Hope Studios.

    I'll get something written up for a proper thank you shortly.

    Happy Vacation!

  4. I tried to add my link to a ring sling tutorial I did a while back. Hope it worked. It's a great baby shower gift and the only way I could get my daughter to sleep for months.


    just in case there it is again..feel free to delete it.

  5. Thanks for the linky party!!! Cute blog!


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