Tutorial Tuesday - Sea Shell Dish

Hi all, it's Jennifer Juniper from Hope Studios guest posting for Amanda this week!. Let's make something cute with all those sea shells your kids carried home from the beach!

We all do it, come home from the beach with a big bucket of sea shells that smell to high heaven after the long car ride. If you vacation on the east coast then they are mostly clam shells and oyster shells, they're so ugly they're pretty.

I've always loved the delicate iridescent interior of shells but never found anything to do with them and after a bit they get tossed into the garbage or out into the sand box.

This year I was determined to make something beautiful and useful. I decided to make a dish, inspired by this lovely clam shell bowl by OKA.

Soak those shells in some bleach water, scrub 'em up, and gather your supplies:

Hot glue gun
Spray paint (I used Rustoleum hammered metal)
Paste wax

I chose a large clam shell with a beautiful interior and applied the paste wax then wiped it off and buffed to bring out the colors and shine of the interior of the shell. Apply just as you would shoe polish or marble polish.

See how it brings out the beautiful colors and shine?

Hot glue the large shell to a smaller shell turned upside-down as a "base". After it sets, turn the whole thing "pretty side" down to protect the interior and spray paint the entire outside. It gives the illusion that it is a metal footed bowl, molded into the shape of a shell.

What could you use such a dish for, you ask? Look and see...

I've decided to create a mini beach in mine and leave it on the windowsill over the sink to remind me of our great trip.

And check out the sweet little oyster shell dish next to the sink to hold my rings or earrings.

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Okay, enough already! Go do something with all those sea shells! If you have time to show me something cool, I'd love to take a look.



  1. very nice shell bowl! I'll be hunting for shells next week!

  2. I think it would look great with some glossy pastel spray paint that complements the inside of the shell as well. Who can't use a little bowl to hold spare change or rings by the sink! Welcome home!

  3. awesome use for the seashells! I always collect so many and not sure what to do with them =/ We were in Ventnor City down near Atlantic City. =D Glad you had such a great time! =)

  4. well.....lemme run down to my sea shell stash (try saying that 3x fast :) and get busy!!!

  5. That's such a great idea, and quick to do as well (always a bonus for me).

  6. Jen, I have to admit, I'm diggin the sea shell dish with the coins in it. That's right up my alley.

  7. I love this idea! Usually our sea shells end up in a jar. Cute, but this is just too cool.
    Thanks for including my photo wall too.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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