Feedback Friday - It's Dreamy, Baby

Okay, this post might be filed under TMI (too much information in text-ese), but I began to come down with a cold yesterday. It was just a bit of sniffles and it might have been allergies, so I didn't turn to my drug of choice (NyQuil I love you) before I went to bed.

I woke up at about 2 am with my nose running uncontrollably from one nostril. It was too late to take my lover NyQuil so I stuffed my nose with tissues and went back to sleep (um, that was the TMI part, sorry).

I proceeded to dream all night about being in a number of social situations with a cigar stuck up my nose. Twisted.

That got me to thinkin' about some of my strange reoccurring dreams. You know, the ones you have every so often. They show up every now and then like an old friend (one you didn't miss while they were away and almost forgot about).

Here's a recap of my most popular night time entertainment (Imagine you hear a harp playing the dream sequence sound):

I can fly - Yeah, I know, so can you. But I'm always flying over a body of water like a lake. Kind of like Soarin' over California at Disney. In fact, I may have invented that ride. Just sayin'. I can fly until I realize that I'm flying then I fall into the water just enough to snap me out of too much thinking and then I'm flying again.

I go to some public place naked - Okay, so the twist is, I never realize I'm naked until I go to the public bathroom. One look in the mirror and I'm paralyzed with the fear of having to go back OUT. So, my crafty psyche takes over and I begin to fashion clothing from paper towels. It's a very frustrating dream because the towels keep tearing and I have to keep starting over. It sucks and I wake up stressed.

I'm yard sale shopping - I find a yard sale deep in the middle of the woods (hey, I don't ask) and I see a giant powder puff I can't live without (seriously). I purchase it and it turns out it belongs to a witch who is hell bent on getting it back. There is a lot of chasing (and I'm running frustratingly slow) and hiding. Why can't I fly???

There is a spider on the ceiling - This one always happens within 15 minutes of falling asleep and is more like a hallucination! My eyes are open and I'm paralyzed with fear as I watch this spider lower itself toward my face. It's a big sucker, too! It's like dreaming with my eyes open. I wake up the Big Guy in a panic and he ignores me. But if he moves or speaks it instantly disappears.

We call those kind of dreams "the crazies". I can see a man in our room, I see something flying through the air at my head, I once saw a bunny hopping across the ceiling, but the spider seems to be my favorite. I have these dreams whenever I'm particularly stressed (I had them almost every night when I was trying to conceive).

So, please, make me feel a little less freakish and share a reoccurring dream/nightmare with me. Give me some dreamy love!



  1. My recurring dream (or a frequent leitmotiv in my dreams) is one where I am trying to call my husband for whatever urgent reason and I keep hitting the wrong buttons and can't get his number dialed properly. I have some theories about why this is, but haven't been willing to examine them all too closely.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Yeah, I periodically have the flying one, but I never really "fly". It's more like really good leaping skills! I leap up, get up high (10-20 feet in the air) and go along for a distance, and then come down and bounce off the ground and pop back up again. Almost flying. It's usually really fun!

    I have the naked dream a lot. Usually it doesn't bother me too much. I'm not especially modest. However it often is combined with the need to use the bathroom...

    ...and leads to the worst of them. The need to use the bathroom, but you can't find a private bathroom. I wind up having to go in front of everyone, or I'll find a stall that maybe covers a small part of me or doesn't have a door on it or something. It is always lacking privacy in some way. Now what the heck does THAT mean?

    The other one I hate is being in school again, and getting lost so I can't find my class or my bus.

    Can anyone say "anxiety dreams"?

  3. Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've had the same thing happen when I google something and then randomly stumble onto their blog again!! It does feel like a small bloggy world sometimes!!

    I have a recurring dream where I am late for work and need to take a shower and get ready but for some reason I can't seem to ever get in the shower! There are usually different scenarios as to why I can't get in the shower. Like a ton of people in my house using all the bathrooms. I think I have this dream right before I am suppose to get up because I know I have to get up soon and get ready for work!!

    Kind of weird but I've been having this dream or YEARS!!!!!

  4. I have this recurring dream that my tongue is swollen, too big for my mouth. And, I keep tugging pieces off of it because it's the consistency of really soft silly putty. As i continue to pull (it never hurts) pieces off to reduce the size, it just keeps growing.

  5. Very interesting... I haven't really had any reoccuring dreams as of late but find dreams very interesting none the less. Are you a person that donated to the Lyme Walk?

  6. oh, the waitress dream. When I'm stressed, I dream that I'm earning my living-again-by turning tables. And, they keep seating me, and I can't keep up.

  7. My dream always has me back at college. Only there is a mix of people I knew in high school that are always there too. I'm usually walking on campus and someone asks me if I am ready for the "final." Then it dawns on me that I had no idea that I even had this class, had never attended once, don't know where to go and am not ready for a test.

  8. Hi,
    Just found your funny blog. I thought I'd comment on your dream post. I have had some similar dreams. I've seen a man walk across my room (living by myself at the time, mind you...) No one was there. But I saw them. I used to have the recurring flying dream. But my favorite it the spider. I woke up one night and found a huge spider walking across my chest to my husbands. I was hitting it off of him and woke him up. Again nothing there. Whaaat?!! Ah...Just kidding honey...go back to sleep!


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