Inventions...Mom Style

I was in the shower this morning, or as I like to think of it, my wet therapy compartment, and I started thinking about all of the inventions I've thought of over the years. They totally suck as far as execution, but man, wouldn't they be great.

What if?

What if the grocery store had a pharmacy-style drive up for staples? Call in your order and pick it up while your kids slept in the backseat?:

(Yes, I'll have a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butta... )

A cushion of air above public toilet seats that allows you to hover with ease:

(I could be peeing with ease right noooooowwwww!!!!)

A toothbrush with a built in lazer flosser that flosses for you while you brush:

(I smell burning hair, but my teeth are squeaky clean!)

Little elves that live in my garage that refill my gas tank, top off my washer fluid, and sweep up crumbs...

(Fill 'er up?)

A "fold and put away" button on my dryer...

(Here I come to save the daaaaaayyyyy!!!)

What would YOU wish for?



  1. I want an alarm clock that has a silent option of a "sweatband" to wear that vibrates with increasing intensity.....this way my husband can wake up at 4:00 am to go hunting WITHOUT waking me too!

  2. An addendum to the grocery one---

    I've always thought grocery stores could make a killing if they offered a babysitting room. You drop your kids off at the entrance and they play while you get the shopping done in peace & without having to bribe anyone. You can take your time, comparison shop, and get everything on your list without yelling, screaming, hair pulling, whining, etc...

    I would also love a Swiffer and/or Vacuum Fairy...who flits around cleaning my floors while I'm away or asleep....

  3. I totally agree with Erin M. In fact,, I blogged about what if my grocery store had a playland, just like the local Mcd's does? I so would spend more time in that store. In fact, I would drive miles and miles to visit that store above others. Because pulling my two year old off of the top cereal shelf does not make for a fun grocery outing!

  4. Our grocery DOES have one of those playrooms and they take kidsup to age 9 for up to one hour! I would think up excuses to go to the store and sometimes stop and have a leisurely coffee at the store's Starbucks. It's awesome!
    My invention would be to have a robot pack my kids healthy lunches and make breakfast/brew coffee before I get out of bed!

  5. Our grocery store offers free babysitting for 3 and up AND it offers curb-side delivery of groceries you previously ordered online. It's awesome.

  6. Here in England, we have that babysitting service in some of our larger stores too! I like the drive-up window idea though! Very handy if you only called in for one item, and have to take all the kids with you!

  7. I love the drive through at the grocery!! But, can you imagine the lines!!

  8. I want this list! I love the public restroom one.

  9. Drive thru healthy meals for moms to take home for dinner. Healthy lunches there too for picnic's or busy afternoons. Gosh I would love that!

    My favorite one of yours was the laundry option. Genius.

    Oh yeah, I also thought a warehouse membership for toys that would work like a library. Check out legos, return them and bring home doll house next week. No more piles of toys everywhere!

    Have a great day. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  10. Ooh, I'll take one of each please. ;)

    Happy Monday!


  11. I found your blog last night and stayed up a whole lot longer than I intended on. :)

    As far as the mom inventions...I love the ring of air cushion above the toilet seat idea!

  12. You have no idea how many times I too have wished for a drive-up grocery store window...just for milk or bread. Or for CVS to PLEASE sell me Tylenol (or the occasional bottle of rum) through the pharmacy window.
    Maybe we should start a moms-only store...drive-up only for alcohol, medicine, and can't-live-without-staples. Oh, and toilet paper. :)

  13. haha! All great ideas (we do have a daycare in our grocery store). I really want the elf in my garage. I loathe pumping gas and my husband says that PA passed a law that women can pump their own. :( I always time a "how about going out for wings and a beer, I'll drive!" with empty gas tank - same law applies to men who desire a designated driver. ;)

    I've always wanted to press a button to magically be dressed, hair done and make up applied in the mornings - magic awesome wardrobe included. :)


  14. oohhhhhh.....I'd like to just have someone exercise for me...but I'd get all the results....then I could eat even MORE crap!

  15. Our grocery store does have a playland, but I think like marzipanmom said, I think there's like a one hour limit. Not too shabby! And Tonya, I'm digging the vibrating alarm clock. I have to sit through about 10 snoozes daily with my wife's alarm clock!

  16. P.S. I like the revised layout of your blog, Jen.

  17. We did have a drive-thru convenience store here in town and can you believe they closed? I loved it - you drove to the window, told them what you wanted, paid and left. Sooo nice for when it was bad weather or you had a little one sleeping in back that you didn't want to disturb. I miss them - *sob*!

  18. I love your idea for the air-cushion toilet seat!!! And how about a dishwasher, that puts them away correctly too. and cupboards that organize themselves. OH OH OH!! and a refirergator that STOCKS ITSELF!!! and lastly, the never ending toilet paper roll!

    OK thanks for granting us a little fantasy time :)

    molly @ mcmol@att.net


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