Spooky Outside Halloween Decor!

I mentioned the decorations I put up for Halloween outside my house before. The kids like the effect of walking through a spooky forest to get to the front door, and I like that it's cheap and easy. Win win situation.

I literally, gather dead branches from the woods, the gnarlier the better. I prop and tie them around my front entrance. (Free)

Then I begin to cover them with spiderwebs ($1.00 for a bag) and blackbirds ($1.00 or less each). I discovered last year, when the Dollar Tree ran out of large crows early in the season, that I could spray paint random craft store birds black to get the same effect. Actually, I like the variety of shapes and sizes a litte better and I can find them for about 25 cents apiece at any craft store.

I picked up one large vulture from JoAnn's that keeps watch over the front door for $5.00.


What do you do outside for Halloween?



  1. Very spooky! Currently we're in an apartment so we just carved some pumpkins which are now turning mushy in the Pittsburgh Indian Summer sun.

  2. OMG I LOVE it!!! I love Halloween and I'm so sad I didn't get to throw my annual Halloween party this year.. I always go nuts and spend over a month decorating inside and out, floor to ceiling. LOVE me some Halloween!

  3. I'm a branch girl too, Jen. I paint mine black though. This year we put our branches in pretty pedestal pots full of dirt that I usually put my annuals in. I covered the base with moss that I harvested from the woods behind the house. Didn't pay a penny for anything other than the black spray paint, that I got for a dollar a can at Ollies.

    Have you ever made a cauldron with the boys? I got a black plastic cauldron from K-mart for almost nothing. Put some newspaper or something heavy in the bottom, if you want to have it outside. Fill it with that insulation, spray foam. It will dry all bubbly looking, and have it spill over the side like it's dumping on the floor. (Use plastic wrap on the floor while it dries.) Paint it all green and yellow, and hot glue dollar store bugs all over it. Place a 4.00 witch hat, a twig broom, and "The Witch Is In" sign next to it and you have a cute little vinyett for inside or out.

  4. We put ours up too. We have a light up pumpkin and our front yard is a grave yard with headstones and skulls everywhere.

  5. Love the vulture! Too cute! I haven't put my stuff up outside yet :( The weather has been playing with my emotions and trying to snow out there. I just finished my topiaries though- they'll go out this weekend, snow or not!! :)


  6. Very cool! I love that it's different, eerie, yet not tacky and over-the-top (um, kinda like mine!) :)

    Great job! I especially love the vulture!

  7. Creepy! I probably will just have my pumpkins outside with a few of my spider webs...HAHA!

  8. I usually just put out my two pumpkin lanterns, some sprayed black twigs with spray on cob-webs!
    The twigs will then double up with a bit of glitz for Christmas with glitter and silver baubles!
    Oh, and I bought this huge flappy bat this year that cost only pennies!
    That will hang just over the porch, but low enough to give the kids a tickle!

  9. That is really cute. I made giant pumpkin spiders. I'm going to write a post about it tomorrow.

    PS I made the pumpkin cobbler last night and it was divine.

  10. Your house looks so cool! We decorate outside too, but I haven't made mine really scary - just more halloween/fall stuff instead this year.

  11. OOOH! Love it. Thanks for your daily dose of inspiration. I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  12. My kids are big scaredy cats so I just do the Fall decorating things. Lots of pumpkins, leaves, orange candles, helps that my walls are burnt orange. Fall looks great in my house. Went to Costplus yesterday looking for chocolate and bought 3 rugs. All of them were 20-50% off...total price $120 (for runners and large rugs too). SCORE! Now everything looks so fresh...Ahhhh. Come on by our place for a latte:) Have a great day. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  13. Looks so cool! Great idea!

    Stopping by from SITS!

    I still haven't put out Halloween decorations. I'm gonna have to do it this weekend because they are so fun and I'm almost missing it! Plus we are having a Halloween party and I'm sure I'd catch a lot of slack for not having decorations up!

  14. Very Martha Stewart! The outside of your home is so pretty.

    I found you at SITS.

  15. That vulture rocks! I haven't seen anything that cool in years!!!

  16. Uh...a mum and 3 pumpkins?

    I SUCK!!


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