My Kitchen Window

I started to panic the other day when I realized I haven't finished showing you all my fall decor. Panic because I will be pulling out the Christmas stuff in about 10 days! Yikes!

I change out my mantle with the seasons, just to keep it interesting around here. I don't think I'd be able to live with just one decor all year 'round! I usually cover that here when the seasons change, but I don't often mention my kitchen window.

I change it with the seasons, too. As any mom/cook/dish washer can tell you, that window gets looked at A. Lot.

Part of keeping things fresh, yet still on budget, often requires some imagination. Look outside - there is all the inspiration you need!

Look at the home decor department in any department store. What do they have? Really cool faux natural elements. Cool plastic pine cones, cool carved branches, lovely silver plated leaves...um, hello??? We can all duplicate this by taking a walk outside!

Why are we spending $10 on Pottery Barn Acorns when we can find them outside for FREE? (just place them in a sealed jar and freeze them to kill the crawlies before using them inside).

I promise you, once you start decorating this way, you will never look back. You will be scanning the side of the road each time you drive to the store. You will make a note to pack your clippers and snip that bittersweet the next time you take a walk. It's affordable and rewarding. You can change it up as often as you like and the hubs will look at your bank balance and kiss you.

Here is my kitchen window, decorated for my Thanksgiving guests:

A simple twine and leaf garland decorates the window. Can you tie a knot? Then, you can make this garland. It lies against the swagged curtain like a necklace. All dressed up for the season.

Just thumbtack it to the top of the cabinets. Easy peasy!

Notice the window decor mimics the naked trees outside my window? I have some cool hinge bottles from IKEA I'm holding onto until my Limoncello is finished soaking up all the lemony goodness for Christmas gifts. Why leave these lovely bottles in the cabinet until I'm ready to use them? Line them up, pull off the side of the road to snap off a branch with golden crab apples still clinging to it. Rummage around in your hydrangea bush to find an old blossom, naturally dried to the stem.

In between seasons with no inspiration? The bottles look lovely lined up empty. Nice clean lines feel like a welcome change after all the excess of Christmas. Keep this in mind for January!


  1. Love it. I too think the same thing about pine cones every time I see them in stores for SALE. So funny! :)

  2. That looks awesome. I love the idea about freezing the acorns to kill off the bugs.

  3. I'm on the hunt for bittersweet now. I love to make birdfeeders with the kids out of found pine cones.

  4. Very pretty! Hey, would you mind the hop-skip-and-a-jump down to Atlanta to help an old lady out? I'm decorating challenged these day. :)


  5. Oops...meant to say "these DAYS." I'm also spelling-challenged.

  6. That last B&W photo looks great! Just saw a pine garland I liked for my mantle, but it was $68! I'm thinking I'll be making my own unless Tues morning gets more!

  7. Awesome window! (Smiling sheepishly)...but, the Limoncello is what sparked my attention...you make your own?!? How cool! Would love THOSE instructions :)

  8. Man, I just love all the outside stuff! Not to mention FREE (there's that stupid phrase again)! So, all you have to do it put it in a baggie and put it in the freezer huh? I never thought of that...

    Looks great!

  9. Thanks for the reply...I guess I'll have to stick with brandy slush until then ;)

  10. It has to be said you have awesome decor talent. Awesome! I wish I had the decor talent you had. But when you have kids, sometimes nice things don't last too long. :)

  11. Looooove the garland idea!!! I'll bring along some twine when we go to our Thanksgiving in the big huge house we're renting....and we can make some there to make is seem a little more "homey" ....keep the kiddos busy for a bit too! I'm bringing a bunch of my Fall platers and candles too!!

  12. Pretty decor! I love decorating with nature...now that I live some place that has nature ( I am from L.A.). I went branch hunting in my yard just the other day, filled mason jars with dried bean and put the branches everywhere!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  13. Looks great! Sweet and simple. And really, what is prettier than nature. All we really need to do is remember to stop and look around!

  14. Your kitchen window is absolutely lovely! We live in an apartment with no window in the kitchen right now, but we're house-shopping and that is one of the things I'm looking forward to the most about living in a house. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  15. Looks like a great project for a leaf collecting kid too!


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