T - Day Schedule

You still with me? I'm trying to ease you into things here, and keep you on schedule. It will be much more relaxing in the end...trust me!

This day's schedule is arranged by the count down to dinner (2:00 this year)

Turkey, 3.5 hours

Begin the next 5 things on the list:

Make stuffing (I do not stuff my bird)

Pull out corn pudding and pineapple to come to room temp.

Assemble brie

Pull out appetizers and bloody marys, brie and chili dip in micro.

Make mashed potatoes and keep in crock pot, adding extra milk if they get dry

Okay, we're T minus 1 hour, the minute by minute countdown comes next. Just work it according to what time you want to sit down to eat. This is the order of the menu items arranged by baking time

Grill kielbasi, 1 hour before dinner and counting...

Bake stuffing, 45 min.

Bake corn pudding, 40 min.

Reheat gravy, 40 min.

Reheat mushrooms, 30 min.

Green beans and sweet potato casseroles in oven, 30 min

Pull out turkey and let it rest, 30 min

Bake pineapple, 25 min.

Warm bread

Plate cranberry sauce

Carve Turkey


*Want a fantastic Pumpkin Pie recipe? I'll give it to you tomorrow, but in the meantime go shopping for the following ingredients:

1 can (15oz) solid pack pumpkin
pumpkin pie spice


  1. Looking at your long list of things to remember makes me thankful that my MIL takes care of Thanksgiving! I'll be taking notes for Christmas Day though! THe upside - you won't have to cook for a few days from all the leftovers and we have that long weekend to recover! Hope you get to relax some this weekend!

  2. I am thankful that even though we are celebrating Turkey Day twice, I will only be asked to cook for one of them...and it isn't even a requirement for me to cook (thanks mom!)!

    Happy Hump Day SITStah!!

    ~Working Mommy
    Come on by, stay for a while and leave a comment or two!

  3. Okay, I'm trying to stay on track and your schedule is definitely helping! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. yikes thanksgiving dinner......i have been a wreck both times i have had to host the meal......good luck sounds like you have it all under control!!!!!
    have a great thanksgiving!!!!!

  5. Can I eat at your house? I am thankful I do not have to cook. I am the microwave queen and since nobody in my family cares for microwaved food they do not allow me to make a dish.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! You are making me tired just by reading your list of things to do! Oh how I am thankful we get to go to my parents house where all I have to do is play assistant :)

    Got the frame ~ LOVE IT! Hubby was very excited about the video! Thanks so much for thinking of him! I think he is done pouting after last weeks game and is a fan again (I'm sure you know what I mean).

    And in regards to my celeb. look alike post. I think you and Miss Wipeout are twins! Too Funny!

  7. Ha-ha!! I have to say, Jen...as crazy as I am when it comes to organization and planning...you totally put me to shame!!

    I'm pushing our meal back to 4 this year (Thank GOD!), so I'll have a bit more time in the morning to wake up. (I'm NOT a morning person.) Thanks for your tips though! I'm sure there are a few in there that I will snatch up and use as my own!

    Love you, love you, love you! Give everyone a hug and kiss for me, and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

    Everyone should be here tonight, so if we don't hear from you, we'll call ya!

  8. You are like superwoman! ...and I was feeling overwhelmed with baking an apple pie, a broccoli cheddar casserole and still curling my hair.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I'm on my way to Kroger for a few last minute items. Chopping's all done for the dressing...I don't stuff either. eweeee.

  10. Um... can you please come cook for me?!?!? :) Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. HaHa! Well thanks. I wish I wasn't old enough to have a 16 year old. =)

  12. THe upside - you won't have to cook for a few days from all the leftovers and we have that long weekend to recover.

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  13. Ugh...I cannot handle your to-do lists! I made 2 casseroles and 1 Crock-Pot meal to take to our 2 Thanksgiving meals...that was enough!!! :)

  14. I do a very similar thing - make a calendar grid so I can see all of the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, then just fill in the squares, meshing it with the family calendar so I don't overload myself on any given day. It has kept me on track and tho it looks like I'm being obsessive, I can find pockets of time marked "RELAX". (:


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