Thanksgiving Planning, Pulling it all together

Let's go ahead and make our schedule for the week.

Monday: You should have taken your turkey out of the freezer. If you miss this first step you're screwed. Just sayin'. Take the turkey wings out of the freezer, too.


Make gravy (I double the recipe from yesterday)

Clean the house, wash the dishes to be used, polish silver, set the table.

Wednesday - Let's get as much done today as we can, so that tomorrow morning we can put in the turkey and sit down with our friends for a Bloody Mary, shall we?

Saute onions and celery for stuffing (put in fridge for tomorrow)

Inject turkey with brine (1/4 c. salt, 2 T. brown sugar, 1 quart veg stock.)

Make corn pudding (recipe from yesterday)

Make Pilgrim hat cookies

Sautee mushrooms

Assemble pineapple souffle (don't bake)(recipe from yesterday)

Prepare cranberry mixture for brie (recipe from yesterday)

Make jello salad

Make Bloody Marys (Yes!)


No, I didn't forget it was Tutorial Tuesday. Want to make a Pilgrim Hat with your kids? My 3rd grader has to dress in Pilgrim attire for the next 3 days in school, and we were able to whip up this little ditty from Family Fun Magazine in about 20 minutes! (I made a few changes)


2 pieces black paper (we used a black poster board)
7- by 25-inch rectangle
a 13-inch-wide circle
2 1/2- by 25-inch colored paper strip
4 x 3 inch yellow paper square for buckle


To make the hat, wrap the rectangular piece of paper around your child's head and mark with chalk where the edges touch. Remove the paper and use a stapler to attach the ends of the paper at the place you've just marked, forming a tube.

Place the hat top in the center of the 13-inch paper circle (I traced my large frying pan!) and trace around the circumference, leaving about a 3-inch hat brim. Set aside the hat top.

Using chalk, divide the circle into eight pie slices or spokes. Cut along the spokes (but do not cut around the outside of the circle) so that you have eight pointed flaps.

Slip the paper circle over the hat top, leaving the pointed flaps sticking up. Tape them to the hat top (the top of the hat will be open). *I used poster board and found this step most difficult. You will need two hands to slide the brim over the tube. That little rim is stubborn!

Measure the paper band so that it fits around the hat. Staple it to size and slide over outside of the hat to cover the folded-over flaps you taped.

Here are the steps in the following photos:

Pilgrim hat, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

**Meet me back here tomorrow for your Thanksgiving Day schedule**



  1. You are so organized...all I do is blog.

  2. I'm tired just reading your list!

  3. This is the list you give to your staff of ten, right?
    You are amazing!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Wow, that much organization is giving me a headache! I'm so glad I'm my son and daughter-in-law's guest for Thanksgiving!

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same. Come check out my first contest, and it's a naughty one!

  5. I wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving.....here in Tuscany it doesn't exist...such a pitty!

    Wonderful your blog and I'll love to come back!
    have a great day and for some tuscan sun step in my Tuscany, would be great!!!!!

  6. I'm picking up 50 lbs. of winter vegetables as our last farm share today. All I have to do is bring roasted brussel sprouts to our friend's house on Thursday!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm following your blog now!

  7. Love this blog so much. Its like morning coffee! :)
    Also wanted people to know if your Turkey is still frozen, there is hope! I cook our turkey from frozen every year. That's right. Just take the normal cooking time, divide it in half and add it to your cooking time. Make sense? I usually cook 2 hours, pull out the frozen things from the inside, then continue. The advantage besides not having to thaw it all that time is that the turkey is actually more moist when done. I cover mine with foil the whole cooking time because we don't do the whole table presentation thing here. So I cook the turkey ahead of time, slice it, put it in a disposable pan with some turkey broth and freeze it. Thanksgiving morning I just slide the pan in the oven to warm up. Make sure you keep foil on the top of the pan. The broth will steam the meat as it cooks. :)
    I do this with hams as well!
    HTH someone who is screwed right now, LOL

  8. Love the hat! I should do that with my nieces & nephews... :)

  9. Thankfully I'm not hosting this year. Don't get me wrong. I love having everyone here. I just don't like the work involved. ha. Love the pilgrim hat, btw. Awesome! We made pilgrim hat cookies. Yummy. I tend to think with my stomach. (Oh it shows, btw.)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  10. Hmmmmm - I jumped right to the Bloody Mary's. Maybe that's why nothing ever gets done around here...

  11. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I wish you a happy one!!!


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