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Every few months I like to share our family's current obsessions. With three kids under 12, they change pretty frequently. So, what are we into these days? Let's check it out!

The number one obsession right now is Gogo's Crazy Bones. They. Must. Have. Them.

At $1.99 for a pack of 3, they are affordable enough for kids to collect many of them. They trade and play some sort of strange flicking game with them. I guess I would compare it to marbles, kind of. All I know, is that my 7 year old cleaned the basement for 2 hours for $5 to buy Crazy Bones. They are no joke.

Line Rider eats up a lot of computer time here, too. Ob. Sessed.

The kids basically draw tracks for a sled to ride on, kind of like a roller coaster. They try all sorts of shapes, jumps, and hills to see if the boy will continue on track or fall off. It's pretty cool.

While playing Line Rider, they almost always have You Tube on another screen playing the Van Halen music video for "Jump". Weird and random, I know.

I'm into American Idol right now. Big time. I even joined a fantasy football type league for the season. Sad. I'm already predicting Andrew will make it to the top ten. And if he doesn't...I will personally wring Simon's hairy little neck! Yeah, Dawg!

I smelled Amarige Perfume on my neighbor a few months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. Perfumes usually give me a headache, so I haven't really worn it since I was pregnant with my oldest (he's 11!). But this lovely little scent is feminine and yummy and I've worn it every day since I discovered it.

I love this new song by Script, Break Even, so much that I could go all 6th grade on it and replay it over and over while writing down the words in a notebook. For reals.

Would You Rather? is a stupid card game that just cracks me up. I play it on twitter, I ask my friends random questions, I make my brother play it over beers. For some reason, these random and ridiculous questions really strike my funny bone. It's a sickness.

So, that's a list of our current must have's, what are YOU into?

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  1. Good Morning!! Currently I am into the coolest TV show ever (aside from from my fav Little House on the Prairie) GLEE, American Idol, vanilla flavored creamer, hummus(who needs chips when a spoon will do) and of course cool blogs(I'm here aren't I). I a few more but I can't mention them here ;-)
    your friend,

  2. Man - did you write that this morning? I need some of your coffee. lol.

    OK, TV's must have's are American Idol and Glee - yes we're gleeks.

    Hmm... the rest... I need another cup then I'll get back to ya.

    Have a good one.

  3. The Barbie dolls are playing Star Wars now. Just seems wrong.

  4. oh my gosh...love would you rather!!!! do you play apples to apples too???? love that game too!!!!
    and american idol......i soooooooooo agree with you, simon better watch out we will both be chasing him down!!!!
    and i so love the idea of this post!!!
    i remember when our kids "collected" all of those little things!!! i bet if i went upstairs right now i could find some of those "treasures" tucked away some where!!!!
    have a great week!!!

  5. My kids are all about the Piktureka card game this month. They LOVe the funny pictures, especially the pile of stinky poo with flies buzzing around it, lol BOYS!

  6. Ok, I've never heard of crazy bones and maybe I just won't introduce them (although I'm sure they already know about them). Line Rider looks cool ~ may be introducing that one. Perfume... I'm a coco chanel or light blue (Ralph Lauren) girl, the song is great, really like American Idol, but haven't watched much of anything lately so I need to catch up and last but not least... would you rather ~ LOVE this! I took it to our family get together last Christmas I think they all thought I was a little nuts, and didn't quite find as funny as I did. Really, who wouldn't want to know if you would rather eat a whole vacuum bag full of dirt or eat all the lint produced by 10 clothes dryers in 3 months. Me, I think I'll go for the vacuum bag.

  7. So we're still in the Star Wars Clone Wars phase...it will NEVER go away. Junie B Jones books are a hit too. Yes I have boys. ;)

    I'm into avocados on my turkey sandwiches BIG TIME right now. Searching blogs for sewing How To's. Damages, Biggest Loser and, as always, Grey's.

    Dixie the puppy is in love with peanut butter in her Kong.

    Great post idea...maybe you should make it a quarterly feature and a linky party? :)

  8. The Crazy Bones remind me of the squishies Cubby is into....i haven't seen those yet??? And too funny, I haven't been able to wear real perfume since I was pregnant with Cindylou...only Bath and Body Works sprays....I don't count them as "real"...we're into watching the olympics and Cindylou is into Picnik...she gave me a tutorial last night...Cub is addicted to his "ento DS"....aka, NintendoDS :)

  9. My husband and I can't get enough competition with Banana Grams. It's like Scrabble, but you don't have to be as smarty-pants. Fast, easy to take places, and no one really has an advantage.

    My 10 month old is obsessed with the edge pieces of those alphabet spongy mats for the floor. And by obsessed, I mean I make sure I have one with me at all times, and that he holds it in his hand and crawls all over the house with them all day. Much longer than a normal 10 month old attention span!

  10. My kids love love line rider and I'll have to be on the watch for these Crazy Bones - not a peep from my kids on those. I also love the Straight Up version - I hope he wins too!

  11. The first thing I thought of when I saw your pic of crazy bones was "dang, they'd hurt like heck if you stepped on those in the middle of the night!"

    My MiL let the boys watch Top Gun (don't get me started on that one!). So now, everything and I mean everything is a reenactment!

  12. I love this post and would totally be into a linky party. I was laughing out loud while reading your post and my husband was looking at me like I was nuts.

    As for me, I have a serious problem with McDonald's McCafe Mochas. They are cheap, they are so yummy, and I seriously hear them calling my name each day, taunting me. I try to keep it down to one per week, but sometimes I just can't help myself. My boys? Right now they are obsessed with Titanic. My six-year-old has been obsessed forever, but now my 3-year old carries a Titanic pop up book with him everywhere he goes, randomly spouting off Titanic facts to whoever will listen. My oldest wears a blue blazer everywhere, claiming he is Captain Smith. I cannot show them the picture of the crazy bones or they will then become obsessed with those.

  13. lolol i laughed at the twitter game! I remember crazy bones.... right my 10 yr old brother loving transformers and my family is onto survivor o_O

  14. Very cool! I like AI also, and think he should be in the top 10. I think the yellow-teeth-dreadlocks girl is good also and should probably go pretty far if you vote on her "talent". ;-) My 20 year old used to collect the crazy bones when he was young - funny how they come back around! They even had them as a happy meal toy back then, and yes I still have one of the scarecrow crazy bones from them in the halloween box somewhere. lol My 5 year old loves collecting those backugan balls right now, and the 12 year old collects songs on her iPod! ;-)

  15. Very cool! I like AI also, and think he should be in the top 10. I think the yellow-teeth-dreadlocks girl is good also and should probably go pretty far if you vote on her "talent". ;-) My 20 year old used to collect the crazy bones when he was young - funny how they come back around! They even had them as a happy meal toy back then, and yes I still have one of the scarecrow crazy bones from them in the halloween box somewhere. lol My 5 year old loves collecting those backugan balls right now, and the 12 year old collects songs on her iPod! ;-)

  16. My three year old is obsessed with monster trucks - he always loved them but since he and his dad went to see Monster Jam this weekend at the Mellon Arena, the obsession is full blown!

    I'm on a cappuccino kick. I hadn't had one in years until I ordered one in 21st Street Coffee and Tea and it was presented so lovely (with a heart of froth) that I have to have them all the time now!

    With Jersey Shore over, my new MTV guilty pleasure is My Life as Liz. Very sweet show - let's me relive my teen years.

    The Winter Olympics have been on virtually nonstop at our house. I'm not usually that much of an Olympics fan, but because these are being held in Vancouver, B.C. I've really gotten into them this year.

    And lastly, the Beastie Boys. Yes, you heard me. I loved them as a teenager, and I played them on YouTube a few times until now my son and husband want to hear them every time we're in the car or near a comp. My husband even went out and bought a bunch of their CDs. It's very weird, I know.


  17. Amarige has been my favorite for years! I use something light somedays (something from Estee Lauder or Clinique) but when I wear Amarige I always get compliments. I have worn it so long that it makes me nostalgic about years ago :)

    I will have to let my kids check out the Line Rider. They would love it, especially my boy!

    We love AI and it is the one show (besides Steeler games!) that we all watch together. We love Andrew too and I think Didi has something special ... we'll see!

    We also play Would You Rather? I bought the travel game for the kids while I was in the hospital with #5. Another fun "get to know you" game is Imaginiff

    Fun post!

  18. I think Andrew could win the whole thing. I LOVE him. I think they just need to go ahead and give him a record contract right now.

  19. We love Would you Rather. Oh my goodness it is really the most hysterical game ever!

  20. Currently my house is into
    Bakugans--son #2
    Peace symbol-daughter #1
    Hearts-daughter #1

    Alice in Wonderland
    Alicia Keys
    mixed media art blogs

    Those are all meeeee.


  21. L..O..V..E..D.. Garcia's version of Straight Up the first time I heard it! He needs to record that so I can get it on iTunes! (so much better than the original although I liked it back then). And I used to copy song lyrics when I was in junior high too! "I might go all 6th grade on it" cracked me up - and then my 7th grader says, "what's so funny??" I don't think she understood the humor!

  22. Love the script song too! Funny...I'm going to have to really think about what We are in to. There are so many things. The line game, is that on the computer?

  23. i'd rather take the bullet, wear the diaper, dive for the tank and clean the zoo. I'm gagging over the cereal question.

  24. We're still into Squishies around here. So far, I haven't heard of Crazy Bones which is a-ok by me. We had a Squishy incident on the bus the other day.

    You know how it goes...first there's the showing of the Squishies. Then the trading of the Squishies. Then the loaning (huh?) of the Squishies. Then the losing of the Squishies. Then the crying over the Squishies.

    Good times.


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