Chalkboard Herb Pots - Tutorial Tuesday

Summer is ending, but there is no need to sacrifice fresh herbs all winter. Let's make some cute pots for our windowsills...and let's label them with chalk! Come on, that's cute, man!

Easiest tutorial ever today...ready?

Place an ordinary terra cotta pot upside down:

Spray with two coats of Blackboard Paint:

After 24 hours prep the surface by rubbing chalk over the whole surface then wiping it off:

Now you can write on it! See this pot I made for windowsill Basil?

Don't have Windowsill Basil? Don't buy it! Better check back on Wednesday!

I saw these pots online for $46 for a set of 6...my cost? Less than $2 apiece! Woot!

Do you have a tutorial for me? Well, tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday, grab a button and meet me here around 10 pm tonight!

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  1. I've been meaning to do potted herbs in my windowsill since we moved into this house 5 years ago ~ these are cUte!

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  3. Super cute, Jennifer!! I wish I had some kind of bump-out or ledge on my kitchen window to keep some of these. :)

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  5. Great idea..will have to make a few of these. Thanks for sharing Jenn! How are you doing without your boys??


  6. I love the pots..what a cute idea!

  7. Great project!! There are so many uses for these. A set would be so cute in my classroom for supplies.

  8. I don't think I caught YOUR cost on my first read-through. You really made a bargain, huh?! Great job. :) Thanks so much for joining the party!

  9. adorable pots! do you have good luck growing herbs inside? I'd love to have some fresh basil year-round!


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