Vacation Recap

We've returned from another fantastic vacation in Avalon, New Jersey. Have you been wondering why I haven't been by all your blogs? It's because I snuck away last week to the Jersey Shore! Come along on a Juniper vacation, bring your suit!

We spent our days soaking up the few remaining days we have together before school resumes. Don't get me started, I've already cried 4 times about the fact that my boys are gone in a week.

We mugged for the camera so mom had no hope of getting a Christmas card shot.

We went to the North Wildwood Boardwalk and waited in line for thrill rides:

We surfed:

We crabbed:

And we strolled on the beach, hand-in-hand:

And then something amazing happened...

Someone took a picture of me! Yep, I made it into the beach photos this year! Check. It. Out.

I'm trying to keep life low-key until next Thursday. Once my boys go back to school I will reopen my shop and get groovin'! Until then, I have a few new things and a few reposts for you. You understand, right?



  1. Fun trip, Jennifer! I love the shot of your hubs with the boys--so sweet!!!

  2. What a cool vacation! I tried to take a pic of my 3 yesterday and got those exact faces! Boys!

  3. Aw! Looks like you guys had a fun time! And that pic of you and the hubs is super cute!

  4. Sounds like a ton of fun! Lucky you actually got in a picture! On our 12 vacation this year I took several hundred photos and the only one I'm in is where I'm holdin a shell. Nothing like a nice close up of your left hand, lol.

  5. Excellent photos... and we get to see your pretty face in one of them! :) Love it. Glad you had a great time!

  6. Looks like a great time! I never get pics of myself either. But I don't trust other people to photograph my memories, so it's a fair trade off.

  7. I loooooove that you got in a picture with the Big Guy....your pose is adorable with the wind blowing your skirt :)

  8. Such fun! I'm glad you guys had a great trip. Now back to reality, right?! Enjoy these last few days of Summer.


  9. Oh, how I heart the beach!

    I love my little guys in the cutie stage they're in, but I'm really looking forward to the age/stage of your fellas too (esp. for vacations)!

    Enjoy your last few days together!

    ps - the image I'm using for fridays 're-ignite date night' post totally made me think of you and your shop...pop on over if you get the time and let me know if you've ever done a frame like the one I found. :)


  10. Great pics! I love that one of Dad and his boys! Ok, you and your hubby look fabulous too! Enjoy every moment they grow up WAY too fast!

  11. That is what you call a vacation. You have visited lots of amazing place. You have lots of activity like riding rides, surfing, playing with crabs and walking on wet sands with your three kids. You had a joyful vacation.

  12. your vacation spot looks like the perfect place to spend the last days of summer! hooray for mom-pics :) i just got a cd of pics that my mom took on our africa trip and it made me cry all over again... just seeing me, in africa :)

  13. Wait a minute. . . how did I miss the fact that you have three boys??

    I.love.a.family.with.three.boys. Hard to beat!

    My three are 19, 17, and 13. . . guess I'm gonna have to start calling them "the men." Nah. They'll always be "the boys" to me!

  14. Looks like a great time. It really sucks that the hard-working moms are never photographed! We have the same syndrome in our family. Nice photo, btw.


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