What Have I Done?!?

Yep, it's loud. So loud.


  1. We went through that phase - it actually wasn't so bad as he was down in the basement and became quite good at playing!
    Enjoy it!

  2. Are you insane woman! :) Is that perhaps a fat head on your wall?

  3. Hey Jenn,

    Sorry, but I think it is FABULOUS!!!

    I come from a long line of musicians in my family. The confidence and self-esteem that are gained with learning to play an instrument are priceless, noisy, but priceless all the same.

    My boys both played electric guitars with Led Zeppelin being the favorite rock group to imitate.

    I grew up doing homework with a live rock group (my brothers) practicing in the next room.

    So embrace the music and invest in a good set of earplugs if needed.

    If they are drummin...they are not bummin!

    Janet xox

  4. Studies show that kids who play a musical instrument tend to do better in school..and a blah, blah, blah.....maybe you can build an addition to your house - about a block or so away...tee hee

  5. haha! My husbands a drummer. Soon you'll be able to tune it out and it won't make you crazy :)

  6. Hahaha! You clearly didn't think that one through!

  7. God bless you! You're a WAYYYYY better Mother that I am! I couldn't even handle the drum set for Rock Band!!!!!! But I'll be in line for his first concert! Woo Hoo! Rock on Sister!! ;)

  8. But the look on his face is priceless! Way to go Mom...I think it's great.

  9. My son wants a drum set too! I know we'll be buying him one some day too! Have fun!

  10. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun!! :)

  11. I'm glad I'm not there, but I miss you guys!!! Having fun here though.

  12. Wow, pretty insane. I appreciate your Tuesday party. Will you come post a recipe to Foodie Friday? I'd be honored! http://notyourordinaryrecipes.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post_11.html



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