Childbirth as Art?

The Today Show covered a story of a new performance art exhibit, "The Birth of Baby X" planned by artist Marni Kotak. After the birth, she plans to expand the exhibit to include "Raising Baby X". Above, you can see her in the birthing suite she has designed for the "performance".

Do you think childbirth is legitimate performance art?

Would you ever want to see such an exhibit?


  1. I think she's looking for her 15 minutes of fame. ;) I don't think childbirth is a performance art. It's not a performace, as she will eventually figure out. It's a natural part of life.

  2. ditto.

    I am more disturbed that she's going to turn the child's entire life into performace art. Being a reality tv star pretty much destroys every family it touches (except maybe the Duggers) and this somehow seems even more extreme than being on TV.

  3. What a bizarre idea! I agree she's looking for her 15 minutes of fame. And, no, I wouldn't want to see such an exhibit! That poor child.

  4. Ewww. I remember childbirth being sweaty, and messy, and most of all thinking, "Please don't poop on the table" the whole darn time. I'd heard stories.

    No, I don't think it could ever be considered performance art.

  5. I can't see childbirth as a performance art. However, art is subjective, what you find artistic, I may not and vice versa. All that I know of performance art, it definition and history, I still don't see how this artist can call childbirth a peformance of art. Besides, other people have done the whole childbirth, waterbirth, hypnobirth, etc, videoed it and shared with the world.

  6. Have you seen The Backup Plan where they invite everyone to watch that one lady's childbirth in the pool... And J.LO and the BF show up and are completely appalled... Yep... This sounds like it will be just like that.

  7. Performance art? No. Would I want to see hers. No. But is this much different than "baby story" on TLC (I think). Granted the show is only 30 mins (or is it an hour? Obviously I don't watch that either) but they tell the story of the couple and film the birth ~ not super graphic though. I'm sure people will watch though ~ those who want to live vicariously through her, and those that will want to compare themselves to her. And Heck, I didn't even film the birth of my own children!

  8. Ha ha! I agree with Amanda - the woman is an exhibitionist at heart...and if by her standards she is creating art, maybe we are all artists - inspired by God. What makes her more special? Beats me.


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