April Fools!

Yeah, April Fools...very funny.

I love it when April 1st falls on a weekend! I can ease into the day with some good pranks and keep them going all day long. Here is a bit of the mischief I was up to:

Safety pinned all The Big Guy's boxer shorts together in his drawer.

Saran wrapped the door to the TV room where my kids go first thing to play video games
(Epic fail - how do you get the wrap to stick to a door??)

Drew mustaches on the kids' faces with washable marker while they slept.

Stuffed the toes of the kids' shoes with paper.

Switched the sugar for salt in the morning coffee.
(Big Guy, not amused. I found him spitting in the sink when I came downstairs)

And finally, I served gummy egg candy for breakfast.

Want some more ideas? Here are some of the things I didn't get a chance to do:

*Write I.C.U.P. on the toilet paper

*Pin bedclothes to the sheets (my 10 yr. old's idea)

*Place a drop of food coloring in the bottom of the cereal bowl for magic colored milk

*Squirt lemon juice in their water

*Switch the kids into different beds in the night

*Short sheet the beds

*Switch their clothes with their brother's clothes

*Change my name in my hubby's phone then send him whacked out text messages all day. Confusion...

What pranks did YOU pull yesterday?


  1. So creative - we didn't even think about it being April Fool's until late last night. HA!

    1. I was planning for a few days because I'm evil like that :)

  2. Very Very glad I don't live in your house ~ except for maybe the gummy candy part :) We were gone on vacay with some friends ~ we were all a little tired and hung over (fine, I'm speaking for myself). Hubby walked into the hotel room with a big cup of coffee for me and said ~ Hey, Pete (a friend of ours) just checked out and was pulling out of his parking spot and got into a big accident. You've gotta see it. Me? Yep, hook line and sinker ~ ran to the window with my jaw on the floor. Nothing there to see but a bunch of parked cars in the lot. Nothing too exciting ~ not like waking up with marker all over your face :)

    1. I would have fallen for the car accident one too!

  3. Wowza!!!!!!!!! Those are some GREAT ones!!!!!!!! Pretty low key over here....

  4. Haha...too funny! I was bummed that I wasn't at home on April Fool's Day to play some good natured pranks on my husband and kids. Great ideas listed here though!


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