The Burden of Beauty - Feedback Friday

Meet Samantha Brick, a free lance writer for The Daily Mail who wrote a column about the down side to being so beautiful.

Samantha explains that men are always sending her free bottles of champagne, waiters often refuse to let her pay for her meals, and gentlemen often pay for her cab fares, all because of her "pleasing appearance and pretty smile". So what is the downside you ask? Other women.

Samantha claims that most women are jealous of her so they have dropped her as friends, barred her from promotions at work, and never ask her to be a bridesmaid because of her beauty.

Samantha's article has received much attention and over 5,000 comments from men and women alike. You can read the original article, look at many photos of Samantha, and read some of the comments HERE.

It's Feedback Friday...

In general, do you think women are likely to be "snarky" to a beautiful woman for her beauty alone?

Specifically, what do you think of Samantha's article and the burden of her beauty?


  1. OH MY WORD!!!! They just had another segment on this on the Today Show a few minutes ago! Crazy!

  2. On my very best day, I am only girl next door cute and so have been blessed to escape the burden of beauty. I think beautiful people are generally treated better and complaining is ridiculous and a cry for attention. Occasionally women will treat women poorly due to petty jealousy, but for her problems to be so widespread makes me wonder if it's not her looks as much as her behavior that causes so many problems. I have 3 theories: 1. She is completely full of herself, a huge flirt (whether he's taken or not), and someone that is always demanding the spotlight and is oblivious to the needs of others. 2. She has some pretty big personality issues and instead of owning or changing her behavior she is blaming others 3. She wrote this silly article to get famous on the internet. True story: 20 years ago a new roommate told me, "We are going to have a hard time getting along because we are both incredible good looking". What do you say to that?!? Not surprising, we didn't get along, but it had nothing to do with either of our looks and lots to do with the fact that she was downright horrible to be around. (She was inspiration for theories #1 and #2) Now I'm done judging a total stranger and can move on w/ my day:)

  3. Ok, first I'm going to be realistic ~ I do think some women can be snarky to beautiful women, partially because of a self esteem issue on their part. I don't think the meaning behind the snarkiness is to be "mean" but jealous perhaps. That being said, quite honestly, I think this woman is a bit full of herself. After I first read this article, I turned the computer around and asked my husband, "Do you think she's pretty." He replied, "She's ok, I guess." Then I had him read the beginning of the article, his reply, "she's lying." So my thoughts, She's pretty, but of average beauty if you ask me. I think there is another reason her "friends" aren't asking her to be their bridesmaids. It's called attitude.

    1. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think she is that pretty!

      I have seen two really beautiful women get snarky with each other in a competitive kind of way, but for the most part I find that people are drawn to beautiful people (me included - I want to be their friend!) especially if they are warm and friendly.

      She sounds she must be a narcissist and difficult to be around.

    2. I agree, it's probably more her attitude about her looks that push other people away. Who wants to be around someone who spends all their time thinking they're better looking than others. I wouldn't!

  4. I have read this article some but I don't necessarily buy it. I think she probably has a poor attitude and hence why some women drop her as a friend, etc. As for myself, I am nice to everyone regardless of beauty, size, shape, color, etc. And I consider myself average beauty. But I have a good attitude towards others that possibly makes me "prettier" in others eyes but I don't bank on it nor does it change my disposition. So I think it is the energy that you put out there is what you get back from others.

  5. Has to be a joke or as one person noted an April fools day pramk

  6. Wow, I'm having a hard time buying the article because she - certainly not unattractive - is really just not that hot. She does seem to deem herself the center of her universe. This is an unappealing trait in anyone, beautiful or not beautiful. I would guess that if people don't like her it is because of the way she acts, not the way she looks. That article is highly self-indulgent - I didn't even have the patience to read more than 4 paragraph and it just went on and on and on.... I have know people that were so beautiful that they demanded disproportionate attention, but fortunately they were beautiful on the inside as well and I don't recall EVER hearing them wonder if someone didn't like them because they were beautiful. And they - unlike this woman - were drop-dead gorgeous. wow, wow, wow she really needs to get a life!

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  8. Maybe she is full of herself, but maybe she really has had these issues. Who is for any of us to say that she isn't that gorgeous or that she doesn't have a great personality. Maybe it was really hard for to write this article and risky. And maybe she did it as a publicity stunt, I wouldn't know without knowing Samantha better or knowing her at all. I think it is a sad article; She clearly has confident issues. The other sad thing is that I've seen women treat other women just as she has mentioned. And not just in high school and college. Some women grow up, but others don't. Women get jealous of even those who have beautiful personalities and who everyone loves. I had someone close to me be hurt so many times by other women because she was friendly to all and everyone loved her. So maybe Samantha isn't just talking about her looks, maybe other women have despised her because she is so friendly to other men and they don't like that. It's too bad that she feels the need to write this article. I hope she can come to terms with this issue and just be happy with who she is and not worry about what other women think about her. And if that doesn't work, maybe she should go back to her roots and stop dying her hair blonde :)

  9. I don't think she's georgous. But I do think she's full of herself. Her article was nothing more than attention-grabbing. And when folks took the bait, she wrote another column. She's looking for her 15-minutes.


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