Butter Top Biscuits - Pinterest Pass or Fail

Last week I featured and pinned Butter Top Biscuits to my Cookin' Mama Board last week (originating at Misadventures of Mrs B) and couldn't wait to try them!

They were simple to whip together and tasted like buttery pillows of goodness - a big Pinterest Pass! I loved them with butter and jam, but I will totally use this recipe the next time I make Strawberry Shortcake since we love a biscuit rather than cake topped with sweet berries and juice!

Mamadog made a book page wreath that looks like a giant chrysanthemum!

What pins have YOU tried lately? Drop me a link so I can go check it out!


  1. I just made the Crock pot Cafe Rio Chicken tacos. It was very easy, delicious and a big hit. I recommended them to Mandi Tremayne (Tidbits From The Tremaynes blog fame) and her family loved them, too. So double thumbs up on that recipe!


  2. I made these really awesome cupcakes!
    They were SO good and they turned out pretty good. The frosting included in the recipe was a bit runny so I may try a different one next time.


  3. I made these cute bookmarks - so far everyone I have given them to loves 'em.


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