Under $40 Pantry Make Over

A few days after I Pinned Dollar Store Pantry I noticed a few tiny moths here and there. The last thing I needed was little buggies in my grains, so I jumped in the car then and there to attempt my own Dollar Store Pantry Make Over.

Here is the embarrassing disarray my pantry was in before:

Lots of wasted space, lots of stacks of miscellaneous items mish-mashed together...

And here is the pantry $40 and one afternoon later - lots of containers from the Dollar Tree:

And a package of labels from Walmart:

I kept the shoe pockets to keep the water bottles and snacks handy:

The square and rectangular containers are stack-able so I can fit so much more into the same space! Neat, organized, and space saving for under $40!


  1. I'm totally doing this when we move into our new house. How did you plan for the containers? Did you find yourself needing more?

  2. I purposely bought more than I thought I needed after making a list of everything I wanted to put into containers and ended up using every thing I bought.

    I bought 30 containers from rectangular, square deep, and small square, to flip tops and screw top plastic jars for snacks. Some of the small squares came 2 to a package.

    I did not contain my cereals because my kids like the boxes.

  3. I looooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to come see it in person and get a full blown tour!

  4. Interesting


  5. Looks great! Wanna come over to my house and help me organize my new kitchen? Please :) It's potentially going to be done end of this week, early next week! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!

  6. Looks good! I'm loving the under $40 part!! :)

  7. I feel like I don't even know where to start! So many things in the cabinets!


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