Business or Pleasure?

The Big Guy brought home an article about a worker's comp claim that was upheld by a judge in a recent ruling.

Apparently, a woman  from Australia who was injured in a hotel room during a work-related trip is entitled to worker's compensation according to a judge.

A glass light fixture fell from the wall onto her in the bed during some, let's say, vigorous activity with lots of "rolling around" with a male "friend".  The judge ruled that since she was in the motel room for a work related trip she was entitled to benefits for facial and psychological injuries.  He ruled sex as an "ordinary life activity" and ruled as he would if she were injured "playing cards". (source)

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  1. I think workman's comp is a stretch. Do you know how severe her injuries were and how much $ she got?
    My hubby works for the USAF and officially (and to stay married) he is only allowed to share his hotel room w/ his spouse. I wonder if other companies have similar policies? Regardless, the hotel should be held responsible if they are not properly securing light fixtures. It could have been little kids jumping on the bed that got hurt.

  2. I couldn't find the settlement amount - but I'd love to know!

    I guess adding that policy about who can share a hotel room is important!

  3. I'm trying to figure out how bad my injuries would have to be to actually go to court over this. Even then, I would claim the lamp just fell on me when I was sleeping-even if I was there w/ husband:)

  4. So, if you were on a business trip and decided to go roller blading on your free time and broke your leg, is that workman's comp too? I agree with Tara, you'd have to be pretty bold to sue for injuries received while having sex on a business trip. She has to go back and work with all those people *blush*

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  6. I would think the hotel would be responsible, but aside from that I can see how my employer would pay for this type of injury if I were staying in a hotel for work related purposes (regardless of what activity was I was participating in). Actually I probably wouldn't have a say in whether the complaint was filed or not. I was injured last year on the job for something I thought was completely ridiculous and I had to complete a ton of paperwork about it.


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