Do You Like it High?

Remember back in the 80's when high-waisted pants/shorts/skirts were "in"?  It was back in the days of shoulder pads...ah...I remember...

Now, all the young girls who weren't alive the first time around are bringing high-waisted back.

It's Feedback Friday...

What do you think of this look the second time around?

Did you wear it the first time around?


  1. Are they really back "in"? Laws, I hope not! If I have to lose 15lbs just so my waist looks good in a pair of pants I think I may just throw in the towel and wander around in old sweatpants. Can you imagine? All those silly women with "muffin tops" switching to Michelin tire rolls? Not pretty.

  2. Oh My - to wear high waisted pants right now would mean to get a boob lift! LOL!
    Otherwise, the boobs will be hanging over the waist line.
    ...just sayin' ;)

    1. lol...I'm right there with you, girl!

  3. Is "high waisted" the same as mom jeans? cause for me, anything that holds in the squdge of foopah is helpful...just sayin'. Though I like the idea of living in sweatpants and can't do that here in sweltering Texas. I can't wear the low waisted stuff. Isn't there a happy medium? Besides sweats, i mean...

  4. I don't like it. I am short-waisted already and work hard to define a waist. These would do nothing for my figure. It's not a trend/fad that works for me.

  5. I am very short waisted and this is a horrible look on me. I prefer the just below the waist fit.


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