Stuff I Googled This Week...

It could be said that in this age of instant gratification, I am an obsessive "Google-er".  I'm the kind of girl who reads a book with a dictionary (or dictionary app) by my side in case there is a word I don't know.  I hate NOT knowing stuff!

So, any sort of question I have is easily answered by a quick "Google" (which is universal word for any search engine for me, kind of like Kleenex is used for any kind of tissue).  I started thinking about it and wondered if the stuff I wonder about might cause anyone else sleepless nights?  Then I thought revealing this information might actually make people laugh at the inner workings of my mind.  Self humiliation is a must if you have a blog, so let's do this!

I'll even include the crazy way I phrase most of my searches...surprisingly, Google and I are ALWAYS on the same page no matter how I phrase something!

"Recipes to Use Meatballs" - I made a crapload of meatballs this week and couldn't figure out how to use them.  Within seconds, I had 30 Ways to Use Meatballs and I was off and running with Meatball Casserole for dinner.

"What's the Latest Date of the First Friday in December?" - this was a classic example of using Google to win an argument.  Also an example of being too dependent on Google to attempt to use your own brain BEFORE Google-ing.  The argument was about the date of our neighborhood Christmas party...important stuff.

"Creative Name Spellings" - which I Googled to respond to a tweet I thought was funny (the tweeter hated weird spellings for names).  I came up with this Yahoo page  and decided on "Jessickah" as the winner and responded to someone's tweet about hating creative name spellings for kids as if it was a letter from someone named "Jessickah".  I'm beginning to think I have too much time on my hands...

"Melanie Mitro"(doesn't her name sound like a superhero?) - this is the name of my class instructor for my Tuesday night P90x class I take while my boys are wrestling.  She mentioned a blog several times during class, so I came home an Googled her and ended up on this lovely blog named Committed to Get Fit.  FYI, I Google people a lot; customers, opponents on "Words with Friends", people who comment...

"How to Send an Evite for Another Host" - this is circling back to our neighborhood Christmas Party discussion because I send the invitations for someone else who hosts who can't figure out Evite (??? I know, I know???).  Evite lists the person who sent the email as the host.  So, after a lot of looking, the short answer is...You can't.

"How to Change the Calendar View on My iPhone" - This is an example of how un-techy I am.  About once a week I bump something that changes the view of my calendar to the day instead of the month.  I usually just turn it off an hope it goes back.  I finally decided I needed to figure this out so I came up with Calendar View Options for Your iPhone - for Dummies (which made me feel like a dummy).  Turns out I actually AM a dummy, because there was a button at the bottom of the screen all along that said "Day", "Month", "List".  I'm starting to feel like I should have left this one off this list...

"Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During the Election Coverage" - couldn't get a straight answer on this one after hearing about this on the radio, but did gather some video evidence that helped me deduce she might have been. Also, video evidence that made me laugh:

"Whats in a Baseball" - I included the misspelling of this request to show that Google doesn't judge me.  Yes, there is no apostrophe in "What's"...Google don't care!  And, no, my dog is not going to die after gnawing furiously on a baseball because Inside a Modern Baseball is nothing more than leather, yarn, more yarn, a different kind of yarn, 2 kinds of rubber and a cork center.

Then there is a whole list of "My Dog Ate..." Googles.  So far, I now know that my dog will not die if she eats:

Stink Bugs

Hydrorcortizone Cream

Febreeze Air Effects Car Air Fresheners

As I look back over this list, I wonder if I should own a dog...

So, that's a look of what I Googled this week.  I'm thinking this could be a regular feature!

What did YOU Google this week?


Start thinking about 10 things that make you happy for a party on Monday!  I recorded my first VLOG! Yikes! And I will have a link up for blog posts so we can all share our 10 things!  WahHoo!


  1. Funny!!! I google everything too. And one of my favorite websites is IMDB because we have a lot of arguments/discussions over movies - who was in them, what other movies were they in, what bit parts have people played, or we just can't remember names. I think I would die without IMDB to give me immediate answers!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious! I google lots too, but this weeks searches are super boring! Here's my list:
    ˙November 23 2012 5k races (glad I hesitated in signing up for one ~ no running in my future for awhile ~ see below)
    ˙Composite doors vs wood doors (another house project in the works)
    ˙What to do for a pulled hamstring (slipped on ice on Monday and killed my leg ~ I can finally walk normal, but am terribly missing my runs)
    ˙3 panel doors (see above)
    ˙ youth pinnies (for my hubby's 3rd grade boys basketball practices)
    ˙Words containing the word "joy" (Christmas card idea)

    Boring, huh?

    1. I would say you are a very practical "google-er" Nothing wrong with that! Next week, try throwing in a "what does bear poop look like" or something to shake it up a little!

  3. I too google EVERYTHING. Why sit and wonder something when you can find the answer immediately. Yesterday I googled "Is is bad to pluck grey hairs?"-turns out it's not good. To read the best thing ever written about weird names read here: http://www.ericdsnider.com/snide/the-nayme-gaimme/

    1. Hey! I have googled that too! Yep I don't pluck anymore either :)


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