Block Print T-Shirts - Christmas Break Project #2-

This is a project we worked on this summer that would be perfect for a long winter day during break.

Block Print T-Shirts


Permanent ink
Ink roller
Foam meat trays
Old t-shirt
Newspapers, pens, scissors...
We started by drawing a design on paper.  When we had it just right, we placed the paper over the foam meat tray and traced over the lines.

You will get an indentation in the Styrofoam that you can see when you remove the paper.

Draw over the indentation with a pen or dull pencil to deepen the lines.( Remember, everything you draw into your design will come out backwards on the shirt!)

 Now, load the ink onto the roller by rolling the roller back and forth until completely coated.

Roll the ink onto your foam stamp until evenly covered but not too goopy.

Place folded up newspapers inside the shirt to protect the back and place stamp onto the shirt.  Press!  Rub!  Pound!  Make sure the stamp has full contact with the shirt.

 Peel off the stamp and let dry completely then press with a hot iron for 2 minutes to set.

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make Snow Faces using your own shadow!  (Gather up rocks, twigs, leaves, yarn, buttons, and a camera to be ready!)


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Your block printed t shirts look great!! Would you be so kind to share the ink type you used. Also, did the inks set well or did they fade after washing? Thanks for your blog.


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