Handmade Christmas Ornament Exchange

Here are the Soul Sister's Annual Ornament Exchange ornaments revealed!

Joy made a flattened out pom pom from t-shirt strips and embellished with glitter edged felt stars:

Megan made a disassembled clothes pin star that she spray painted and glittered and embellished with our "SS" (soul sisters) logo:

Marzipan sewed this darling felt owl that she tucked into a tiny jeans pocket:

Treat Girl knitted a tiny candy cane cozy embellished with a button!

Mine is so hard to see, but I saved little "wishes" from dandelions and other plants this Autumn and pushed them into a glass ball using a chopstick - then stenciled the word "wish" on the outside with silver acrylic paint.

And those are our handmade ornaments from this year!

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