Seed Bead Knock Off Bracelet

Join the Soul Sisters today for a crafty lunch date to make Tory Burch inspired Seed Bead Bracelets!

This tutorial is pretty simple, you will need the following supplies:

Seed beads (I used 30 gram)
Leather cord
Shaft buttons

I wanted to end up with an 8 inch bracelet, so I started with a 24 inch piece of cord.

I doubled the cord and knotted a loop in one end. The size of your button will determine the size of the loop you need to tie.

I threaded the cord through the button at the opposite end and tied with a square knot

Then I knotted the cord again just below the button.  After all these knots are tied, my 24 inch cord became an 8 inch bracelet.  Check it out:

Next, you will need a length of seed beads.

I ended up needing a length about 4x the length of the bracelet, so about 32 inches. Better to cut off a nice long piece of thread to be sure you don't run short!  I just used ordinary button thread.

I began by knotting the thread and threading the needle.  I pushed the needle through the knot near the loop and began adding the seed beads...lots of seed beads...

The key to random is to throw your colors together and thread them the way they lay in the container.  You could also use one or two solid colors like these Tory Burch bracelets, but I'm a random kind of girl.

Next, I began winding the threaded seed beads around and around and around the leather cord. 

around and around...I found it easier to clip one end of the leather and begin winding the beads.

One I reached the end, I pulled the needle through the cord at the button end and knotted it like this:


Now, since this is our Soul Sisters day, you can check our our antics around lunchtime by following along on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ("hopestudios1").


  1. Love it! I may need to make a run to Hobby Lobby today :)

  2. So pretty! I love the button.



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