In The Weeds..

Anyone out there ever in food service?  If so, you know what the phrase "in the weeds" means and it totally describes me this week.  I'm underwater, I'm behind with no hope of catching up, I'm losing control... It's school that has me in a dither and I'm counting down our last 7 days.

7 more days then we get a break. 7 more days then there will be no more homework, papers for me to forget to sign, no more parties to plan, no more forgotten lunches, no more teacher gift money for me to collect then lose, no more tests or projects or costumes to make.  Just 7 more days.  Let's try to help each other keep it together.  We will soon have almost 3 months to recharge and start over.  The teachers in September will never know how bad it can get come May.  They will think we're creative, punctual, never forgetful...unless this year's teacher tells them!

A friend forwarded Jen Hatmaker's blog post Worst End of School Year Mom Ever and it really made me laugh and feel like I'm not alone when I lose control near the end of the school year.  If you want a laugh, hop over to read her post.  Meanwhile, I'll be the woman running into the school office wearing a ball cap, her shirt inside out, and pj pants to deliver the forgotten lunch/homework/project ... for the next 7 days.

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  1. Oh, I hear you!!! I just got back from dropping off lunch money at school for my son.... he's only been out for a week. His teacher called me this morning because he was "teary" because he did't think they would let him eat lunch......
    Thursday is their last day and I am looking forward to 3 months with my "littles"
    Good luck with everything ~ hope the party goes amazingly! I'm breathing one sigh of relief as I picked up and distributed the 110 6th grade t-shirts I helped design and organize and tomorrow is decorate the gym afternoon for our 6th graders recognition ceremony happening Thurs. am. A.l.m.o.s.t done.....


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