Progress Report

As I was going through old photos the other day, I noticed a selfie where I had a large age-spot on the end of my nose I had never noticed before!  I can see in the photo I am wearing makeup but there is the spot front and center.

I took another photo the other day straight out of bed, no makeup, to take a look at my progress and there is no age spot there.  It's pretty cool that my Reverse Regimen is taking care of skin issues I never even noticed before! Liking the progress I'm seeing with my skin.  I'm turning 44 tomorrow and I have some lost time and sun damage to make up for.

On the business end, I have a friend who approached me about joining me in my Rodan+Fields business last month. I have my first partner in crime and I'm loving having my own person to mentor and bounce ideas off! Happy birthday to me!

Last month, I made enough in my paycheck to take over the payment on my Acura MDX so it's been a great few months for me so far!

If you have any questions about Rodan+Fields the business or the products I'd love to try to help.  Go ahead and email me or comment below and we can connect.

Have a great week!

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