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Banana Fluffernutter Pie:

Pumpkin Spice Frappe:

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DIY Cheap, Easy Christmas Cards!

I just finished making my Christmas Cards for this season and wanted to teach you how to do the same.  It's super easy and waaaay cheaper to do this yourself rather than order from the pricey companies out there.

DIY Christmas Cards


Choose your favorite photo or photos

Upload to your favorite photo editing program (photoshop, or the free online site PicMonkey.com)

Resize your photo to 5x7 inches 

Using filters and editing tools make your photo super special.

Add text using the text tools by clicking the text button - Say whatever you want to say in whatever font you love!

Save photo to your computer.

Upload photo to your favorite photo processing site and order 5x7 prints in a matte finish (I ordered mine through Sharpprints.com).

Buy card-sized envelopes (5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches).

Mail out to all your friends!

I just ordered 60 prints for about $30 and found envelopes for $10 per 50 pack (I found mine at Walmart.com ship-to-store). 

So that makes less than $50 for all my cards this year!


$5 Kitchen iPad Stand - 2 Ways!

I don't know about you, but I have a whole stack of cookbooks I rarely use anymore.  Just about everything I use I have saved on Pinterest (God help me if Pinterest ever goes away - my family will starve!)

I've seen these iPad stands in some of the catalogs I've gotten in the mail and wanted to try to reproduce it on the cheap.  I found an 8x11 inch bamboo cutting board for $3.99 at Marshall's and some blocks from my kids' stash and knew I could do it. 

Under $5 sound good to you?

$5 iPad Stand


8x11 inch cutting board
Triangle shaped wooden block
Long, thin wooden block, about 4x1/3 inches (this is part of a Lincoln Log set, but anything with these general dimensions would work)
Wood glue
Paint (optional)

Begin by gluing the blocks into place, the triangle on the back will serve as a stand and the long thin block will serve as a mini shelf for your device:

Functionally, your stand is usable as soon as the glue dries, but to make it pretty try some paint!

I started with an undercoat of black:

Then covered it with a topcoat of ivory.  I added some kitchen-y words and sanded the top down until some of the black peeked through - especially on the corners:

I made this one as a gift then made a second one for myself out of a $5 chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and the stand up back I removed from a picture frame glued the the back:

I ended up with an iPad stand that doubles as a Menu Board...Tada!


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