Tutorial Tuesday!

Sorry about missing last week!  I'm back on track!

String Art:

Toy Guitar Make-over:

Banana Bread Doughnuts:

 Please... (this is the part at the end of the commercial when the announcer talks real fast)

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Ready? Teach Me Stuff!

Hope Studios


Hope Studios...the shop

It's wedding season, again!  Sweet, romantic quotes are filling my orders these days as wedding season rolls around.   I love hearing the stories behind why a particular song verse or Bible quote is significant to the bride and groom.

One of my best customers ordered the frame below:

She always waits until after the wedding to order the gift so she can include the song from the couple's first dance.  She gets brownie points every time for being so thoughtful!

I feel like weddings come in waves, and I'm in an off year this year so I don't foresee any in my near future.  Any weddings out there for the rest of you?

If you need a gift for an upcoming wedding, Mother's Day, or any other occasion, you know where to find me at Hope Studios...the shop!


Website Headshots!

We had some photo fun yesterday taking the head shots for our new 2Organized website.  There was a lot of laughing, running into place, and more laughing as we tried to get just the right pic!


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