Guitar Hero, Feeding Fantasies Across the World

Okay, so this Guitar Hero thing weirds me out a bit. It has the ability to convert grown men into the pimply-faced teens of their youth within 2 bars of Eye of the Tiger. Though it was a gift to the kids, it's the kids waiting in line to have a turn while the men bang away at the drums and strum the pretend guitar (Oh, blasphemy! Don't say it's pretend!!). They get into it, bobbing their heads while biting their lower lips, getting their "rock on" in the basement. I had to video it for posterity!
I hope my husband doesn't run off to be a "roadie" with Aerosmith, because this game makes you believe it's possible!

Best wishes for 2009!

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  1. IT IS SO ADDICTING!! We played it over Thanksgiving weekend with my husbands brother and wife and we were up until 3am rocking out.
    I totally could play the guitar for Aerosmith. My score said so.


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